Mirror mirror…

My dining room wall has been lonely lately. It’s had some companions, but none have ever stayed for more than a few days.. it’s quite sad, actually.

Poor dining room wall just hasn’t been able to find a perfect match! My beautiful antique buffet (you can read about its transformation HERE) has been the star of the show for a while now, and when we recently rearranged the family room we found ourselves with two displaced book cases, so they moved in to the dining room and seem quite happy for now on either side of the buffet.

It’s not a permanent solution (I would eventually like to have them on either side of the bed in the master), but they are just fine where they are for the time being. The main trouble with the dining room has been trying to decide what to put on the wall!

dining room wall bare

I’ve tried out a few different things there…

First there was this pretty print. I like the scale of it in the room, but it just wasn’t adding enough interest or something:

(This was obviously before I refinished the buffet!)



Then I had this antique window in its place. (There is a whole post coming about this fabulous piece of coolness.. stay tuned for that one!) The problem with THIS was it didn’t seem formal enough for the dining room. Not that we are formal people (HAHAHAHAHA! sorry, just the thought of that was funny), but it is the only somewhat “fancy” space in the house, and it calls for something a little more elegant and less personal up on that wall:


antique window - buffet


In the end, believe it or not, it was my husband who hit the nail on the head! (Good job, hubs.) I was about to try putting a large rectangular mirror that we had just sitting in our room when he made a great suggestion. “Wouldn’t the blue one work better there instead?”

Um, YES. Yes, brilliant husband, it would!  And just like that, we were done.


mirror 4


This mirror was one of my many “OMG I have to buy this even though I don’t know where I’m going to put it!” purchases from HomeSense. (I believe they are the Canadian equivalent to Home Goods?) For a while it lived above my desk in the family room…


mirror - desk


But as I have mentioned before we recently rearranged everything in there so it had been displaced.

I love how it looks in the dining room! I do wish it was a wee bit bigger, but it just makes it look so LOVELY in there, and seeing as it’s the darkest room on the main floor it’s quite nice to have the added light that the reflection brings. It’s a nice little pop of colour in an otherwise neutral space, and it’s formal enough to work in a dining area but whimsical enough to work with the overall casual/beachy vibe that I’m going for throughout the house.


mirror 5


It came with the blue paint and distressed finish, and I added a bit of green just to make it a little funkier and bring some more colour into the room.


mirror 6



mirror close up


Since the bookcases are going to be in there as well for the next while, I’ve taken advantage of their lower cupboards and loaded them up with cooking and serving supplies. It’s nice to be able to close the doors and have them hidden away. On the upper shelves I’ve tried to keep it clean and pleasing to the eye – nothing worse than junky shelves! Mainly there are books and photos, but there are also a few very meaningful pieces that warm my heart every time I pass by!

This cake topper was used by my grandparents over 60 years ago, and sat on my cake when I got married in 2009. It has a place of honour next to my favourite photo from our wedding:


cake topper


The branches in this vase (and the stones at the bottom) were part of the centerpieces at our wedding:


centre piece


And if you look closely, there is one dried rose from my bouquet tucked inside:


bouquet rose


This ampersand was just something that I purchased at a decor shop, but I love it because it represents the coming together of our families. My older daughter was three when I started dating my husband, (she’s 10 now!) so I like how it reminds me that we all came together to create a new home and new memories!




The White Lavender was my grandma’s. It still has some powder left inside and I do stop and smell it sometimes, just to be transported back to the days I spent on her farm as a child. Amazing what a scent can do.


white lavendar


I’m pretty happy with how the dining room is coming along. Next up is replacing the chandelier that’s currently in there. I also can’t wait to paint the vintage table and chairs that I have…but so far it’s exactly what I’m going for. I don’t have many inspiration photos for this room, I’m mainly just going by what feels right, but here is one that I found that I LOVE:




I just need this Canadian winter to LET UP so that I can get outside and get covered in paint! Any dining room makeovers out there? It’s not easy to keep it formal and beachy all at once, but I sure am trying. I can’t wait to have it complete and share photos of the entire room.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Tracey says

    Love it Mary Beth….I imagine us having hot tea (because it’s cold outside -haha) and hanging out together every time I see pictures of your beautiful home. And kudos Hubby! :)

  2. says

    My grandma used Coty loose powder. I can recognize that scent anywhere, and it always sends me back to the time I spent with that feisty little lady. LOVE the mirror. We have no Home Goods anywhere near us, and it kinda makes me sad since I keep hearing all these great things about it.

    • says

      Aw your comment gave me goosebumps.. xo Isn’t it amazing what a scent can do? It’s beautiful but sad sometimes.
      That’s too bad about the HomeGoods.. but seriously it might be better for your wallet this way… lol


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