Wish List Wednesdays…


Each week I will take this time to go over some things that I’m currently obsessing over loving, and do some high/low comparisons on pricing.

We all wish we could shop exclusively at Restoration Hardware, let’s be real. However, I’m a Resto gal on an Ikea budget, so sometimes you’ve just got to get creative.  Thankfully, I like a challenge… and today I have found some GREAT stuff.

Let’s talking lighting! Why I am currently a lover of all things illuminated is beyond me, but it’s a fact that I am. I’ve always had a very traditional sense of style, but my tastes – whoa – are they ever changing. I’m now finding myself leaning towards contemporary and modern, sleek and even COLD in some cases. It’s like I’m having a decor identity crisis – come along for the ride, it’s nothing if not entertaining!

Here are some fixtures that I’m drooling over these days… and in most cases I’ve actually managed to find their FABULOUS and inexpensive (at least by comparison!) counterpart!


First up we have this amazing star pendant from Pottery Barn. It retails for $210:

pottery 210

Le Sigh.

But I managed to find almost an IDENTICAL pendant at Home Depot for $149:

home depot 149Not a ginormous savings, but every dollar counts, people!

Next up, (I feel like I’m MC-ing a fashion show!) we have this SUUUUUPER stunning capiz pendant light from Horchow Furniture. What a STATEMENT!  This baby is $690:

Horchow 690

…OR you could go for for the Pottery Barn version which, at $280, is still pricey but a LOT less:

pottery 280

Here’s another look that I am sort of falling for these days… I love the earthy, imperfect feel!

This chandelier is from Pottery Barn, and is $421:

pottery 421

But guess what? I found one almost identical, lo and behold, at Home Depot for $199!

home depot 199It’s not quite as whimsical as the more expensive version, but the branches are pliable and can be bent and shaped to achieve that natural vibe.

The last two on my list are my FAVOURITES, but unfortunately they are also the most difficult to come across in a less expensive option. But ALAS! Never fear… there’s an even better solution.

Do you love this amazing iron orb as much as I do???

resto 2095Yah… I don’t have $2095 to blow at Restoration Hardware.

zgallerie 499Nope… don’t have $499 to spend at ZGallerie either.

HOWEVER! I do have $135 to spend on making one with my very own hands!! Can you even believe that this is a DIY??? You TOTALLY have to check this one out over at House of Smiths… it’s one of the best DIYs ever:

orb diy

Last, but ohhhhhhh not least, we have the amazing, fabulous, museum-worthy Polyhedron pendant…
This incredible piece of art goes for $395 at Restoration Hardware:

Resto 395

But if you have the TIME and the PATIENCE…
you can make this dodecahedron pendant on your own for literally a fraction of the Resto price:

deca lightVisit View Along the Way for an amazing tutorial on how to make this one happen. Such talent!!

It’s nice to see that the trendiest, most beautiful pieces are not out of my grasp! I’m not sure that I am ready to take on a dodecahedron DIY just yet, but it’s good to know that I could if I wanted to! Have you ever gotten an AMAZING fixture for a fraction of the designer price?  Ever created amazing lighting all on your own?

Sometimes it really pays – and saves! – to get creative!


  1. Susie G says

    Hi There- Came over from YHL comments- great lights! I have the Pottery Barn chandelier and am looking to sell it- would be happy to discuss some pricing options with you!

  2. Vanessa says

    Came over from YHL as well. World Market has the capiz pendant in two sizes on sale right now – much cheaper than Pottery Barn! Just thought I’d add!

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