This post is so tacky…

Hahahaha, I made a funny. But seriously – check out what I made using just some regular old thumb tacks!

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In my quest to bring some green into our main living areas, I came across the idea for some thumb tack art a while back and it seemed the perfect DIY for the job.  It’s simple, inexpensive and adds a lot of impact to a small area!

I always love a project that’s fool proof, especially since I so often mess things up.  I also like to share my DIYs and crafts but only if they are things that I’ve truly found to be useful (like this awesome stuffed animal holder) and achievable within a reasonable time frame and budget (like my super duper Christmas decor ideas or the easiest recipes on the planet)!

So this one definitely ranks up there on the charts when it comes to ease and cost.  Here’s what you need:

– canvas (whatever size and shape you choose)
– thumb tacks (I used two boxes of silver that I found at my local business supply store)
– paint (I used a small craft tube from WalMart)
– letters to trace & a pencil for tracing

The first thing I did was paint my canvas so that it would have time to dry while I did the rest of the work.  I like how the paint isn’t perfect and it sort of looks almost like a wash.  I added a bit of water to the mix to get that effect. Next, I had to find a font that I liked for the letters. Once that was sorted out I selected the size and then I printed it out on a nice sturdy card stock, since it would be easier to trace than regular thin paper.

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Then I spaced the letters out on the dried canvas, and once I had them where I wanted them I traced it all with my pencil. I had to lightly erase a spot here and there, but it’s okay because the tacks were going to cover it anyway!

I then started pushing in the tacks one by one, beginning at the top of each letter and moving in straight rows from left to right. I placed each tack just slightly on top of the one to its left, making sure to use the pencil tracing marks as my guide.

When it was done, I had this really neat looking, kind of 3D art!  Not bad for a $10 project and it looks so cute!

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Ever created artwork out of strange stuff like thumb tacks?  LOL… maybe Duct tape or silverware? It amazes me what can be done with the oddest of items!


  1. Rachel Snodgrass says

    Love it! I am going to make my mother in law a version that says “Hope” on a light pink background because she is batteling breast cancer. Only thing i worry about is how my hands will feel after pressing in a zillion tacks! I used tacks to border a diy upholstered headboard i made… I didn’t realize most people use nailhead trim which is much faster and easier, and it took me a week to shake out the claw hands.


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