My “Sofa Tables for Dummies”!

I’m so glad that I decided to figure this project out. It’s certainly nothing exceptional, but it’s kind of special to me because it’s the first thing that I’ve ever truly DIY’d from start to finish – by myself!

We got this awesome Ikea sofa a while back. It’s a sectional which is really great for our family. There is actually enough room for two adults, three kids and two dogs! (And a cat, but she just sits on the back of it swatting at all of us…) The only issue is that with a sectional, there is a huge area where whoever is sitting has no place to set down their drink/plate etc. We do, of course, have a coffee table… but with two dogs and two toddlers it’s not wise to leave ANYTHING on it unless you’re looking to add some additional design to the carpet. We could add some end tables, but that’s just more “stuff” in a room that I’m trying to de-clutter, and it still doesn’t solve the problem anyway since the entire mid-section of the sofa would still be going without.

So, I came up with a VERY simple no-fail plan for sofa tables. They are very basic, with no bells or whistles (certainly nothing like what they created over at Young House Love… DROOL!) The up side to my little construction project was that it took me exactly two hours to complete – and that INCLUDES the trip to the hardware store for materials.

First I mapped out what I where I wanted them to sit as far as height, length, depth, etc. I wanted to be sure they ran flush along the back of the sofa. I also wanted them to be narrow, but still deep enough to set a plate as well as have room for the base of the lamps that I wanted to use.

I actually built the first, longer table a few months ago. At that time our sofa was only up against one wall, so I only needed one. But when we rearranged all the furniture this past week it was time to build #2.

Here is the breakdown of what I needed for one table:
– 4 pine boards (one the length of the sofa, and three short ones for legs – Lowes cut them to size)
– 8 “L” brackets (they come with screws)
– stain for the top & paint for the legs

I was able to save some money on this project… I already had the paint to use for the legs, so all I needed to buy were the boards ($11), the brackets ($4) and the stain ($6).

I like the rough, unfinished look of the raw wood, but I gave everything a quick sanding before getting started. My kids aren’t huge fans of slivers.

Then I laid the “table” board upside down on the floor. One by one, I lined up the leg boards and screwed the “L” brackets in with a drill. Pine is a nice soft wood, so it was easy as pie and I was done in just a few minutes.

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 167

Then I flipped it back over so that it was now standing up on its legs and gave them a coat of paint. I just used some colours that I already had and blended them together. I finished the legs with a coat of beeswax for a bit of a distressed look.

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 165

Then it was time to carry the whole thing and the can of stain out to the porch…. which didn’t really work out.

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 171

Holy hell… don’t even get me started on this one. Let’s just say that there is a point during each and every one of my projects when I mess something up HUGE. Sometimes it’s easy to hide… and sometimes not so much.

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 169#FAIL

Fortunately, the amazing Bryan Baeumler himself was there for me with some sage advice on Instagram:

Stain Fail

Thanks, Bry.

I’m pretty sure that the best thing to do at this point is just buy more stain and pour it over the whole damn porch. It’s certainly the cheapest option.

Anyway, back to the table. I was determined to make the best of the situation and I LITERALLY used the puddle of stain to finish the table. LOL. I just kept dipping my brush into it until I was done. I love the dark, rich finish on top of the rugged look of the pine!

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 168

I brought it back inside to dry, and here you have it:

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 163

I didn’t bother painting anything on the interior of it since it will never be seen anyway…

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 164

Once I was sure everything was dry, I moved it into place and played around with the set up until I was happy:

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 213

If you look at the entire sofa you will notice that one table is shorter than the other. I did this on purpose to allow room for the drapes to hang. If I had let the tables meet in the corner, it would have looked great, but the drapes would have been flattened against the wall, which would have looked no so great…

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 216

It’s so nice to have a spot for the lamps, our drinks, and some decor that I haven’t had a chance to put out because of some pesky little hands that get into everything around here!

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 215

I still have lots to accomplish in this room, but I’m pretty proud of my little table solution, and I think it looks awesome!

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 218

So, to the ladies out there… ever tackle a construction DIY on your own? Share your links!  And your comments! And if you think my tables are a good solution, remember that sharing is caring! LOL…


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    • says

      Hahahaaaaa yes I have issues!!!
      And, the tv is in the basement because our new MOVIE SCREEN SIZED TELEVISION is in the family room now. Ugh.
      It’s mounted on the wall against the dining room where the chair used to be.
      I think a visit is in order.

    • says

      Aw thanks Lisa!
      I am going to check out your initial post right now – there’s no way I could tackle the YHL console on my own – maybe one day! ; )
      Thanks for the nom, I have no idea what that is so I’m clicking on it right now!

  2. Rachel Snodgrass says

    I need to do this for my living room, with such a small space i seem to use every surface for storage of some sort, and i would love a place to just decorate! Almost like having a mantle!

    • says

      Yes exactly! Lol we don’t have a fireplace either so it’s really nice to actually have somewhere to display my silly little things.. ; )
      Thanks for reading!


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