So you shrunk your curtains…

No? Oh… it must have been me then. *oops*

I have this problem where I ignore washing instructions and I just throw everything in there, cross my fingers and hope for the best. I would say that 9/10 times it all works out, but once in a while I get a kick in the ass for being lazy, and I know I deserve it.  LOL.

I recently bought these awesome curtains from IKEA… I wasn’t even planning on a drapery purchase, but they were in the glorious “as is” section for less than half of the regular price, and I just couldn’t pass them up. They have made themselves at home in the dining room, and have literally become one of my favourite things in the house!

However, we recently decided to get another dog a few weeks back… this is three month old Shadow:

Chrissy's wedding etc 326

I know, right? Those EYES! You would think that this little bundle of cuteness could do no wrong, but you’d be, well, WRONG. Let’s just say that for the first week or so, when his tiny bladder was full, those drapes were just calling his name. Gross. So, he peed on them, I threw them in the washer (and dryer), yadda yadda yadda they shrunk about a foot.

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 109

Live and learn.

So off I went to the thrift shop to find some fabric that I could add to the bottom to give them some length. I initially came across a great “taupey” curtain panel for $2 and I was psyched, but when I got it home it wasn’t long enough. I thought I was going to have to head out again but then I remembered I had this awesome green table cloth that I got at Target on sale a while back!! I never use it because Ella just tries to pull it off the table, so I dug it out and went to town.

I cut the pieces to size to fit along the bottom of each panel, and I made a hem using my trusty old iron-on fabric adhesive from Michael’s. I only had to make a hem on one side since the other three sides already had them, so that was a huge plus! (I left the curtains hanging on the rod through the entire process. It just seemed simpler to do measurements and attach the fabric if they were already up.)

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 201

Once that was done, I again used the fabric adhesive to attach the green fabric to the existing drape, and I was done!

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 204

It looks really good, and the funny thing is that I’ve been trying to find ways to add some more green to the dining room for a while… it’s my accent colour in the living room and since they are open to once another I wanted it to be cohesive.

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 208

I honestly like them better now than I did before… and I reeeeeeally liked them before. It’s nice that I was able to add some green to the room in a subtle way, and since it’s a heavier, tweed type of fabric, it lends itself nicely to add some weight to the bottom of the drapes. It couldn’t have worked out better.

iPhone pics March 17, 2014 209

Ever shrink something that you were able to bring back to life? Please feel free to share any magical tips and tricks. Like I said, I don’t often follow instructions… it can never hurt to have some secrets in my back pocket, you know, for next time just in case!


  1. says

    Such an adorable puppy, i’m sure it’s hard to stay mad at Shadow. What a great solutions for those OOPSIES “shrunken curtains”.

    • says

      Haha yes Ada he is so stinkin’ cute! And no we can’t ever stay upset at him, and hey I like the curtains ever better now! : )

    • says

      Thanks, Samantha! It was a lucky break that I already had the fabric, and thank goodness for adhesive tape because I am NOT very good at sewing!
      ; )

  2. Rachel Snodgrass says

    They look great, love the honesty about the dog pee lol! I don’t know what is wrong with me, but after measuring my super tall windows a zillion times i have still managed to come home with 4 different sets of curtains that were all waaaay to short! (One time 3ft short.) and i am on a friggin budget! I think its about time to break out the heat-n-bond.:)

    • says

      Seriously it’s soooooo easy and it you can find a table cloth or piece of fabric on clearance it’s such a great solution!

  3. lynn thiessen says

    I have 8 sets of Ikea drapes.. Being the seamstress that I have always been, I washed them first to determine shrinkage prior to them hemming………about 10% on a 96 inch drop in warm water and cool dryer………ouch. Instructions called for the warm water and dryer. What I could not adjust for was the tonal shift from cream to white. Total texture shift as well. Grrr…not sure what to do next. This is more complicated than just adjusting my hem line. Really, no bleach added, just soap and water. I now see these as temporary fixtures awaiting my scrap bin for re-purposing. Glad things worked out for you. Seriously disappointed here. I will NEVER purchase Ikea drapes again. lyn

    • says

      I’m so sorry you had a bad experience! I knew I shouldn’t have washed and dried mine but I forged ahead like always.. I’m lucky I was able to find a simple solution. I hope you’re able to repurpose the fabric, maybe for pillows or valances? Good luck!

  4. says

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