Nobody puts baby in a corner… but a closet works for us!

Well, I think I am finally learning from the disapproving eye of my husband error of my ways, and am starting to get my projects under control. I’ve recently realized that it truly makes sense to start and complete one thing before moving on to the next.  (What a revelation – I know!) But I have historically had multiple things going at once, and it was frustrating for him me to never have any of them really finished properly.

I saw something on Pinterest recently that caught my eye, and as always I try to be someone who actually tries these things, not just pins incessantly without any follow through !  So, I’ve had a few cool projects up my sleeve as of late, and my favourite (and biggest!) one is what I’m sharing today.

We are a family of five living in a three bedroom house, and this means that as a married couple with three kids, we are one bedroom short.  Unfortunately for our particular situation there is no easy fix.  We have a ten year old (girl), a 3.5 year old (boy) and a 2 year old (girl). It would have been super convenient if the two little ones were both boys or both girls, room sharing would have been the obvious route to go and it would have been something that could have held us over for years if need be.  However, this is not the case, and it left me with a bit of a question mark as far as how to arrange the rooms.

Initially my husband and I had the master, my older daughter Taya had a room and we had a guest room.  Then Cal came along, and all the rooms were taken. When Ella joined the party in 2012, we put the two older ones in together and gave baby a space of her own in Taya’s old room.  So we now had Taya (8) and Cal (3) together, and they LOVED IT.  I thought, “Okay.. this is cool.  It can’t last forever but it works for now.”  And it really did.

After a few weeks of this new arrangement my husband went away for a business trip, and as always I used that time to make MAJOR CHANGES to the house.  LOL. I decided that logistically it made more sense for the two kids who were sharing a room to move into the master. It had more space, a bigger closet and was tucked into a corner of the house that was quiet.  So I went to work on that, and naturally my husband came home from his trip and just shook his head.  Actually, what happened was he Facetimed us while I was working on things and it didn’t occur to me to not answer… he took one look and said “What the hell is going on there?!?”  LOL.  Oops.  So anyway I moved us into the smaller room that had originally been Cal’s nursery and then Cal & Taya’s room, and Ella stayed where she was.

iPhone June 29 2013 085

We actually stayed that way for a while. Of course I rearranged their furniture within a day and Cal quickly outgrew his Lightning McQueen bed so we traded it up for a single.

Personally, I liked having the cozy, smaller room and everyone was happy…

iPhone June 29 2013 102

But eventually I realized that Taya (now 10) was needing her own space.  She was getting annoyed with her little siblings always getting into her stuff, but I couldn’t exactly close the door and say “stay out!” since it was also Cal’s room!  Again, change was on the horizon.  My poor kids – the only one who has never played musical rooms (YET!) is baby Ella.

(Um, not including the first four months of her life where she lived essentially ON me,
and we spent every night spooning in my bed… omg, bliss…)

Ella - iPhone 225

Anyway, this leads me to our current (and likely final) configuration. I think this set up will see us through until we are ready to pack up and head out.

Mom & Dad are back in the master – (whoohoo! I may still have to sit at the kids table at my mom’s house, but at least here I’m a grown up once again!)… Big girl Taya has Cal’s blue nursery to herself, and the two littles are now roommates (we moved Cal into Ella’s room).  None of the rooms in this house are very big, so when deciding to put two kids into one of the smaller bedrooms, my imagination went into overdrive driving to come up with ideas of how to best make it work.

Enter, “The Closet”.  No really… enter the closet.  It’s a bedroom now!

Chrissy's wedding etc 171What? Did you think I was kidding??

We may not have many closets in this house, but the ones that we do have are pretty decent.. almost walk-ins. I figured that since Ella is so tiny, AND we will likely move before she gets much bigger, I should convert her cozy little closet into (first) a reading nook, and then when she’s ready to leave her crib – a mini bedroom!

Chrissy's wedding etc 166

We started out like this:

Chrissy's wedding etc 059Chrissy's wedding etc 060Chrissy's wedding etc 061

Just a plain old closet… upper shelf, rod, no light, just drywall.  I started to purge stuff that wasn’t needed, store things in the attic that weren’t needed right now, and take some measurements to see what could be done. (All of this, naturally, while my husband was on yet another trip. I guess this is my version of having an affair.  lol… every time he leaves, I anxiously watch the car pull out of the driveway and then things get BUSY up in here!)  The place was total chaos.

Chrissy's wedding etc 064

I was stonewalled pretty much immediately; the crib mattress was about an inch too long for the spot.  Yup – one stinking inch. As it turned out, we had an ottoman up in the attic that wasn’t being used, and it was the perfect fit for the space.  The crib bedding fits on it (I even added a skirt!) and with some paint, a new pendant light, wall decals and some good ole’ $4 Ikea spice racks, this little spot has become, well, pretty magical!

Chrissy's wedding etc 170

Chrissy's wedding etc 135

Chrissy's wedding etc 175

Here is the breakdown:

Quart of paint: “Butter Milk” by Benjamin Moore – $26
Butterfly wall decals: Target clearance – $5
Pendant shade: Ikea – $5
Pendant cord kit: Ikea – $6
Bed/bedding: already owned: $0
Throw pillows & covers: Ikea – $22
Spice racks: Ikea – $8
White basket: Ikea – $7
Pink bin: already owned: $0

Total: $79

Not too shabby for a whole little room overhaul!!

Chrissy's wedding etc 178

Chrissy's wedding etc 180

Chrissy's wedding etc 179

So far Ella LOVES it (her brother does too!) and she spends lots of time snuggling, reading, and playing with her dolls in there. She has had a nap in her new little bed, and she even spent a night in there! But I don’t think her neurotic mother she is ready to ditch the crib full time just yet… so for now, it’s still set up in the main room along with her brother’s single bed, a dresser and a toy console.  When I’m she’s ready and the crib goes, there’s going to be SO much more space for her and her brother to mess up use, it’ll be great!

Until then, nothin’ wrong with a sweet little spot for some bedtime stories and cuddles!

Chrissy's wedding etc 181

Like this idea?  Click below to share it!  And be sure to let me know what you think… some people have definitely let me know that they think it’s pretty out there, and that’s okay!  We love it, and best of all so does our baby girl.



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    What an awesome idea! I would have LOVED a nook like that as a kid; I was always obsessed with cozy spaces (and books). Fantastic job. And a room overhaul for less than $80? Quite impressive!

    • says

      Thanks Meg! I was totally the same way… I used to take blankets into my closet and read. Lol
      Kids seem to gravitate towards small, cozy spaces so I figured why not?
      Thanks for reading!

    • says

      Me too, Melissa! Lol… I love small and cozy spaces – always have! Love the name of your page – heading there now!!


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