Uh, Happy New Year?

So it’s pretty much February and I haven’t written since like, what… October? I don’t even know. Sometimes I find I have nothing to say, (although I’m sure my husband would vehemently disagree with that statement!) and other times I have SO much to say that I just don’t know where to begin, so I just don’t.

But honestly? I usually have a great topic I want to write about, and much like right now, my children WILL NOT let me be for 37 seconds. I cannot write when they go to bed – because that’s when I relax do housework catch up on reading spend quality time with my husband go to bed.


In any case, it’s been a VERY busy 2014 thus far. My beautiful Taya turned 10, my husband has been traveling a LOT for work, and I’ve been trying so hard to catch up on some paint/refinishing projects. That last one has NOT proven to be a simple task. When you live in Ontario and a third of your year is spent in -20 weather, working from your garage is really not a great solution. I need a proper studio. Or maybe just a heater. But as of now I have neither of those things, so any painting happens in my dining room… with those pesky kids underfoot.

I do manage to get the odd thing accomplished – beyond laundry and dinner of course, which is usually my lofty goal these days. Here is a gorgeous antique sideboard that I got for a RIDICULOUS STEAL a while back…


It made an appearance in my post about my awesome thrift shop lamps when my dining room was still painted a deep, dark red:

buffet lamps

… and here is what it looks like now, in my newly painted dining room:

photo 1

(Pretty much my entire main floor has been painted in Benjamin Moore’s “Gray Horse”)

I painted it “Cashmere” by Van Gogh Chalk Paint. I am an Annie Sloan lover through and through, but her paint is a little hard to come by around here, so this time I thought I’d try something new and see how it compared. I didn’t find the application to be as smooth… Annie Sloan goes on like butter and I found the Van Gogh to be a little more grainy and thin. But the end result seems just as lovely. The entire thing was painted in the same colour, but on the top surface I used the Van Gogh Bees Wax finish, whereas on the bottom I used Annie Sloan’s soft wax which is clear. I really like the the character that the two finishes achieved, and after sanding the whole thing down it has just a bit of a distressed look which I love.

photo 3

photo 4

I plan to paint my dining room table in the same manner, with the darker wax on top. I think it will hold up pretty well to the wear and tear that we are SURE to put it through. I also still need to hang that lovely antique window frame that’s resting on top. It’s blocking some of the lovely detail of the sideboard, and I cant’ wait to get everything in there finished!

*Side note: I literally just caught my 23 month old as she whizzed by with a huge pair of scissors. I’m not even joking. These kids are not good for my blood pressure.

Anyway that was a pretty hefty project to complete, and I’m loving how it looks. The dining room is going to be very soft and serene when it’s done, which is just what I’m hoping for. Oh and do you love my glass lamp up there on that sideboard? Isn’t she sooooooo pretty?! Target – $13.99… glorious. Just need a different shade, the white is BLAH.

Hope everyone’s year has been beautiful for these 29 days so far!


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    Oh I feel ya, seems like 2014 is already getting away from me! We did a DIY refinishing project in Feb that I was so eager to post about and I’m just getting around to it now. I absolutely love your piece, it is beautiful! Check out my new piece and let me know if you have any tips for me!? Id really love AND appreciate it! http://sincerelyberkley.com/

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      Thanks, Berkley! I just checked out your post, beautiful vanity and fabulous job updating it! Bravo! It’s so funny… I refinished a vanity a few months back that is almost identical to it.. lol. Check out my page on Facebook, you will see it there. (Great minds think alike.. haha!)
      Thanks for reading,

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    I just found your blog and I am LOVING your projects! We are going to be moving into a 100 year old farmhouse that has been very well kept, but not quite my style. Your blog is giving me a LOT of ideas!

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      Thanks, Missy! That is so cool about the old house!! Although I’m not in love with MY old house, I know there are some out there that I would really like to sink my teeth into and revamp…
      Can’t wait to see what you do with it!


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