That’s me – Coordinator of Domestic Chaos!

What have I been up to, you ask?? Well… what HAVEN’T I been up to is the better question!

There are two schools of thought on my endless stream of activity… lol.
If you ask my husband, I’m likely defined as a humongous bit of a scatterbrain. Okay, more than likely. I know it makes him nuts that I start a million things and have 379 ideas every day and that SOMETIMES I don’t follow through or finish what I’ve started, but I personally like to think that I am CREATIVE, and have a serious entrepreneurial streak!

I have different facets of my life and those areas all require various ideas, projects and activities to feel fulfilled – is that so weird? I don’t think so. Since I am a stay-at-home mom, my focus tends to be the house (since I spend SO much of my time here), and thus I have a love of decor and furnishing… hence The Refreshed Nest. I didn’t start out with a plan to sell these things, it’s just that we can no longer park in our garage and something needed to be done! LOL…

Then there’s this blog. I know I don’t write as much as I should, and I my original focus on Postpartum Depression has given way to a myriad of topics and ideas, but I think that’s a good thing. My day to day focus has shifted, the clouds have begun to clear and I’m ENJOYING the things I’m working on once again. I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and to be honest I am most happy when I’m working on all these different things – yes, at the same time. So WHAT if I jump around? So WHAT if I don’t blog for a month and instead focus on redecorating or painting furniture or Christmas shopping? That’s just my life, and that’s just who I am.

Yesterday I added yet another project/idea/business to the ever-growing list, but where my husband inwardly sighs and tries to understand me, I am excited to have something new to explore! This one is certainly not going to launch me into early retirement, it’s just something that I actually fell in love with, and becoming a rep for the company allows me to get a great discount and if others want to partake, well then that’s just gravy! LOL…

So let’s count… I believe I’m up to TWO businesses, two blogs, and three kids. Totally manageable! haha. Whatever, it makes me feel excited to start the day and I love always having something to work on. I think that’s why I was never successful or happy at my (*ahem* numerous) desk jobs. I can’t handle the monotony, nor can I understand working my ass off for someone ELSE to make big bucks. I’d rather work for myself and make peanuts, and I’m SO lucky that my husband is as hard working and successful as he is – it not only allows me to stay home with my kids, but it gives me the chance to pursue all my little dreams on the side. I am one lucky girl.

If you want to check out my latest little adventure, click HERE to visit my page at Jamberry Nails… these things are just TOO awesome. I was initially just going to buy a bunch of them, but the more I read, the more hooked I became and I HAD to sign up. Impulsive, yes. But that’s okay! haha… heck it was worth it just for the discount I will get! I hate nail polish – I suck at it and it ALWAYS comes right off, but these are freaking genius. And cheap! What a winning combination! lol… And men, if you suck at gift-giving as much as I suck at applying nail polish, you NEED to click on that link… trust me… you will WIN Christmas this year.


Well, back to work I go… and by work, do I mean child rearing??… furniture refinishing??… blogging??… selling amazing nail wraps??… I’ll never tell!
xo B

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