Moody blues… and greens… and greys

I still shake my head and wonder what the HEY-ALLL I was thinking when I decorated the main floor of this house.  I know I referenced it in a previous post, but it’s honestly worth mentioning again…

It. Sucked.

Reality 2

It was just so dated and so dark and so BORING.

Reality 1

I’m really enjoying the (ridiculously slow) process of updating the décor around here, even more so because we are on a crazy tight budget, so my personal stamp is on EVERYTHING up in here!  It’s not that we’re broke – don’t panic, mom! lol – we just want to SAVE SAVE SAVE so that we can move into a new home as soon as we can.  So, that means there is no Crate & Barrel or Restoration Hardware shopping happening over in my camp – no sir.  I am all about finding really neat stuff that takes some vision and effort to love.  I don’t want to be one of those people who has 847 Pinterest boards but never tries ANY of the ideas she posts!

There I am… that’s a lot of pins – oh the pressure!


I’ve been working hard in my nonexistent free time to redo and bring to life some super cool stuff that I’ve found… from thrift stores, garage sales, online ads and even some that I have literally found… like, on the side of the road or in people’s trash.

Yes.  My name is B, and sometimes I dumpster dive.

I’m sorry, but I gotta tell ya… there is such a HUGE sense of satisfaction in taking something ugly or weird and making it awesome and functional!  I get way more enjoyment from that then I ever did from hitting up the mall.  The fact that it saves us a ton of money is honestly just gravy.

(Okay, to my husband it’s delicious, incredible, delectable, to-die-for gravy…)

Anyway, I think I’m slowly  moving from the house that WAS to the house that is to BE.  I started off with an odd colour palette with yellow, blue, red and taupe… don’t ask why.  Mainly because I don’t know.


original colours


Now I am moving towards a much lighter, fresher, cleaner look and while I am not even 50% of where I hope to end up, I’m still loving the transition and definitely seeing a light at the end of the dark red and blue tunnel.


PicMonkey Collage


Here is a look at the colours and patterns I’ve been starting to work into the house.  I think I’m doing pretty well so far!  Seeing the photos of the paint chips against the photos of the actual décor in the rooms is awesome – I think I’m actually getting it right!

mood board


This collage has also allowed me to see everything in one spot and get a feel for what I’m doing right – and wrong!  After all, there’s always room for improvement.  But, so far so good!  If you have any tips to keep me on track please – don’t hold back!  I’ve never done such a complete and total overhaul of design before, it’s completely exciting but terrifying too!


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    I know the feeling! We have two ginormous “eggplant” colored chairs in our living room that I once upon a time loved. Replacing them is out so working them into my current palette is a challenge. I say you’re doing an incredible job! Love how fresh those colors feel!


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