I love lamp(s)!

So I walked into my local thrift store yesterday and the cashier greeted me by name.
I obviously have a problem, but guess what – I’m okay with it! LOL. I know that it makes my husband nuts that I keep buying tons of crap odds and ends with nowhere to put them, but I think while it drives him crazy it’s what keeps me SANE. I NEED to remind myself daily that we will not be in this house forever, and when we finally do move I figure I will have the entire place furnished before we even sign the papers!

What can I say? I’m a planner.

Our current house is small. Too small for us, anyway. Kitchen (not an “eat-in”), dining room, living room. Three bedrooms and one bathroom for everyone to share. Our next home will be bigger, have more rooms, and thus will require more STUFF.

Back to my thrifty adventures… I didn’t need lamps. I have lots of lamps. But these lamps were SO ugly I couldn’t help but stop and stare.

But that’s all I did – stare. These suckers are HUGE and I couldn’t quite visualize what to do with them. Plus with a 17 month old squirming in the shopping cart I had to keep moving. We headed for home, dinner, and almost bedtime when I suddenly was overcome by the NEED to go back and buy them. Poor Ella, back into the car seat she went! They were still there (I know, what a shock that no one had snapped these beauties up! LOL) so I grabbed them and we were on our way once again.

Like newborn twins that only you think are beautiful… “Aren’t they just gorgeous?!”

iphone pics July 30 2013 139


I was lucky to be enjoying a night at home with just me and the baby – hubby was away overnight for work and the two older kids were sleeping at Nana’s – so Ella and I went out into the backyard and she had a ball while I got to work!

iphone pics July 30 2013 146


I threw down a dollar store table cloth and got busy with my spray paint. I taped off the hardware so protect it from the paint, and then gave the lamps a few quick coats of Krylon in a satin nickel finish. It dried almost instantly and I think it looks great!

iphone pics July 30 2013 149


Side note – Ella is a super duper assistant… she hung out the whole time playing with a mini screw driver and the lid from the spray paint can… best kid ever.

iphone pics July 30 2013 147

When all was said and done, they took my breath away – YES! Even I never thought they’d look THIS great…

iphone pics July 30 2013 167


iphone pics July 30 2013 168

Who knew lamps could bring such joy??

iphone pics July 30 2013 156


So in the end I’m not sure where I will put these lovely ladies… leave them on my awesome new buffet? Maybe… I also think they’d make gorgeous bedside lamps. Or I could sell them! Considering I paid $2 each I’m pretty sure I could turn a profit. The linen shades are from Wal-Mart, and I just stole them from some other lamps in the house for the photos.

iphone pics July 30 2013 166


The curtains were in the “as is” section of Ikea for $20 (I have NO idea why they were there, the cashier couldn’t figure it out either…) and once I get the new paint on the buffet and the walls it’s gonna look gooooooooooood.

iphone pics July 30 2013 163


I’m keeping the faith… we won’t be living in this house forever, but while we ARE stuck here, I am going to make it awesome.
So, today I’m feeling good… because of lamps. Yup. That’s right. Sometimes you gotta take what you can get.


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    They do look 100% better after you got a hold of them!
    I also LOVE Value Village for knickknacks and upcycling. You can get some ugly/nice frames there to paint and repurpose.


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