A place to rest my weary… rear!

Oh I am on a ROLL now, people. This is getting exciting. This is going to look like a completely different house when I’m finished with it!



blue & taupe living room




grey and blue




Ugly, bright & garish…

Reality 1

No flow, just a bunch of STUFF and a colour scheme that did nothing for me…

Reality 2


I’m not sure what the hell I was thinking when I went for this yellow/red/navy colour scheme when we moved in here.. UGH! I was bored with my former house which was all taupe and beige, and I wanted to bring some colour into the new place. Unfortunately I did very little googling and way too much impulse shopping and thus, ended up with a colour palette that wore out its welcome almost immediately. To be fair, we’ve been here for five years this summer, and it was only in recent months that I suddenly looked around and went, “What the heck did I do in here??”. I admit that I am easily swayed by other people sometimes, and my biggest decorating downfall is that I fall in love with a trend when it’s JUST on its way out the door, but oh well. As long as we like it, I don’t really care if it’s popular.


A few months ago, I fell madly, hopelessly, head over heels, dizzyingly in love with “Young House Love“, which is a blog written by an adorable husband wife team who have a passion for redecorating on a budget. They have opened my eyes to an entire new world of home design, and I will never do anything that same way again!! Even when we move, I will be assessing each potential home in a completely different way than I ever have before. If you haven’t checked out Young House Love, you definitely should. Every post makes my day and they are full of amazing ideas and info!


But back to me… LOL… I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to tackle that nasty old thrift shop chair that I picked up to go with my new desk. It ended up being a SUPER easy and quick project, and thank goodness because that desk was a BITCH.. lol. Here is the before and after of the desk:


7 B&A


And here is the “before” of the cruddy little chair:

chair before 2 chair before 1


All I wanted to do was paint it and distress it a little so that it went with the look of the desk that I redid. I also wanted to (obviously) recover the seat. I didn’t think it would be difficult since I could tell that the seat was a simple shape and unscrewed completely from the chair. Amazingly, I found a little throw pillow cover in a bin at Fabricland for $7, and it was perfect… I just cut the zipper off and slipped it over the chair seat! I glue gunned it down REALLY firmly, cut off the excess and screwed the seat back on. Easy peasy!!

Pretty fabric!!

photo 2


The chair looks GREAT with the desk and I’m so happy to have my own little bit of real estate in this house. Makes blogging easier!


Oh hello there, beautiful!

chair after 1

A little bit of Annie Sloan in “Pure White” with some light distressing…

photo 4

Love it! Looks old and lived in… just the way I like it!

photo 3

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!

before & after together


Painting of the entire main floor begins soon – THAT is making me giddy, I cannot wait. All my little projects will finally look right and the entire decor will begin to make SENSE!

*SIGH* … Well, until then I have a pretty chair to sit on and dream about it all.


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