Buried alive!

Oh my god… I am reeeeeeally in over my head this time.
When I take on so much that I can’t even find to blog, I know I’m in trouble.

Between painting the kitchen cabinets, redecorating the entire main floor and rescuing WAY too many pieces of fabulous (but desperately tragic) furniture from Kijiji (and Value Village, and the trash…), I am living in a hurricane of STUFF.

My husband is ready to kill me… LOL… and this time even I admit that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

Did I mention I also have three kids? Two of them at home all day? Right – that’s a LOT of cooking, laundry, cleaning and changing… has anyone figured out this whole cloning situation yet??

Okay. Keep me posted on that one.

I have so many projects that I can’t wait to reveal – so many updates and ideas! I’m getting there, but not quite yet.

Don’t jump ship yet, my friends… I’m making progress over here and going to do some fine tuning to the blog as well.

A little more focus, a little more direction…
(Wait, are we still talking about the blog??)

B xo



  1. Mei says

    Once again you’ve captured the essence of my life. But you seem to have far more energy than me! You should try selling the made over fabulous furniture; I’ll bet you’re able to make them more amazing and make some cash too!

    As a busy mama it could be so easy to lose yourself in mothering, and I think it’s fantastic that you make the time and effort to do this for yourself. And what great lessons you are teaching your children about following your passions and the value of making something yourself! Koodos to you!

  2. says

    Thanks, Mei! I’ve thought a few times that maybe some day when I have more time, I would love to refinish and sell some pieces… but that’s a ways off yet.
    We still need to get together!

    • Mei says

      I think between now and the summer is our chance to get together B! With the nausea dissipating and my baby bump growing, I’ve got a limited time until I am immersed in baby crazy and trying to find my equilibrium as a mom of 3! Call me cause I don’t have your number and email has never worked for us!

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