From the mouths of babes!

A conversation with an (almost) three year old…

Me: Cal what does Mommy say?

Cal: “I love you, monkey!”

Me: What does Daddy say?

Cal: “Phew, I’m tired!”

Me: What does baby Ella say?

Cal: “Mama! Dada!”

Me: What does Taya say?


Yup, that just about sums it up.


iPhone pics Jan 2013 309


Cottage weekend -


So, apparently I’m taking the summer off from blogging. Whoops! That wasn’t planned… I’m just so busy with three kids at home. There is soccer (a total of five times a week between two of the kids!), trips, family events and LOTS of work around the house. We are only about three weeks into summer […]


Furniture Makeovers – a year in review

Happy Saturday, everyone! I have a fun post for you today… I had a recent request that I thought was pretty fun… someone commented asking if I could please do a post that highlighted all the furniture that I made over while on my year-long blogging hiatus! Cool idea, right? In the year that passed […]

Old House

Hello again…

Remember me? If not, that’s okay… I understand.  It’s been about a year, after all! When we left off last October, I was taking a break from blogging to work on my furniture refinishing business, which has been amazing. I love painting so much, and even though it was nearly impossible to make it work […]


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