If you give a little love, you’ll get a little love… but if you give a LOT of love…

I’m not a “hit up my friends for stuff” type of gal.  I don’t ask anyone to chip in towards my kids’ sports fundraisers, I don’t sell chocolates or Christmas ornaments or whatever else is out there these days. We contribute here at home, and sometimes my parents will get in on the action, but that’s it.

I just don’t feel comfortable asking people for things when we ALL have our own causes, events, and things we need our money for!

Today, however, I hope you will forgive me if I take a brief hiatus from my “never ask for anything” position.  Because I’m asking.  I’m asking EVERYONE.  I’m hitting up every single person I’ve ever met, and I KNOW that you’re all going to come through in a big way.  I’m certain.

So, I thank you in advance for your incredible AWESOMENESS (yes it’s a word, shut up), and will now fill you in on all the details as to WHY you are going to be top notch in my book by donating to a very, very worthy cause.

My nine year old daughter’s best friend is very, very sick.  So sick that without the proper treatment she may die.

This is Nika…


Nika has APLASTIC ANEMIA, and has recently moved quite literally across the globe – TWICE – to receive the absolute best care possible.  Her entire story is explained on the page that I am about to send you to, but essentially she needs a bone marrow transplant, which requires a donor, which requires a match, which is pretty damn hard to come by.

My own daughter Taya has been extremely distraught over these recent events, and it has been very difficult for her to watch Nika go through so much without any promise of a happy ending.  There have been a few fundraisers as of late, geared towards helping Nika’s family off set their relocation and medical costs, but this is something different.

We as a family have created a page at Go Fund Me to help raise money to provide some FUN things for sweet Nika… an iPad, accesories, books, movies, and basically whatever else she wants to help pass the time while she lives in the hospital.  This sweet nine year old girl has been isolated from her peers, classmates, and any sense of normalcy… being able to text, chat, email, video call, play games, watch movies and keep in contact with the outside world would surely go a long way towards helping to keep her feel connected, and like a KID!

Even though she is hooked up to an IV and not able to run outside and play, there’s still a lot that we can to do help keep her spirits up and keep a smile on that beautiful face.

Will you help us?  Please?

I cannot imagine what her parents are going through, her story is so incredibly unfortunate… but there CAN be a happy ending for Nika… I just want to provide a happy “middle”, too!


Many, many thanks… and much love to everyone who will take a moment to read Nika’s story and donate.

Please share this post… on your Facebook wall, on Twitter, on Pinterest, through email… any way you can.  I believe in karma, and that the good you put into this world will come back around to you when you need it! Oh and sorry for telling you to shut up earlier… I guess I shouldn’t do that when I’m asking you for cash, huh?


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