If you’ll wait for me, then I will come for you…

(When in doubt, the lyrics of a beloved song always make a great blog title!)

HELLO! Remember me? Yah.. likely not. I had a cop behind me yesterday on the road and I totally expected to get pulled over for failing to blog. LOL. Sorry for the disappearance, it just ain’t easy finding the time with three kids pulling me in all different directions!!

We’ve had a busy few months in our home!

Little Ella turned one a few weeks ago: 


My monkey Callum is going to be having eye surgery next week to try to correct his strabismus (crossed eyes):

iPhone pics Jan 2013 107

And my oldest Taya has soccer like FIVE TIMES A WEEK so that pretty much monopolizes us! lol… The life of a soccer mom… what can I say?


My personal news is that I did in fact join Weight Watchers like I said I was going to. Maybe that’s part of why I haven’t written in so long… I really want to come back with some news! Well, I am happy to report that I have lost 13.5 pounds in my first five weeks on the program!! I am SO happy and proud of myself. I managed to wear a pair of my old jeans this week for the first time in three years, and while I still have a bit of a road ahead, what a great start!!!

I’ve really worked hard at it, I’ve stuck to the plan and been cooking up a storm! Subsequently, my family has been eating better too, so it’s really a win/win. There are SO many amazing recipes online that calculate the points for you, and I’ve built up quite a collection of delicious meals. I will post some of my favourites in the coming days and weeks… you’d honestly never know they are WW meals, promise!

So I’m almost midway through the weight loss journey. Well, midway if I reach my “first” goal. I like to set realistic goals for myself, but then also set one further… the REAL goal that I TRULY want to reach. To get to goal #1 I have another 20 pounds to lose… but to be where I really want to be, well, that one will take another 30. I can’t wait for the warmer weather to come so I can get outside and walk with the stroller… I haven’t been able to add exercise to my routine yet, no money for the gym and no time to workout at home. So, as my husband says, I still have that secret weapon to whip out! lol.

We’ve also been talking a LOT about moving lately. I think we’re slowly getting there… which is BEYOND exciting. Whether or not we stay in the same city is up for debate, but we are definitely getting out of this NEIGHBOURHOOD… it’s the worst. We live in a 70 year old house that could be gorgeous, but it’s on a busy street and in a cruddy area. I’m desperate for quieter surroundings and want to feel safer. Also, my older two kids are sharing a room right now which honestly makes me insane. We need a fourth bedroom!! Hopefully in the coming year we can make it happen… but it’s going to be tough to check off all the boxes, particularly the one that keeps things simple for my daughter to go between our house and her dad’s. We’ve always lived just ten minutes apart, so it will be a challenge to figure that part out.

My PPD has been pretty under control these days. Thank goodness, because all THREE of my kids have been presenting MAJOR challenges lately in their own ways. Ella still wakes up all night long, Cal is in the throes of the Terrible Twos (I have the bruises and bite marks to prove it), and T is growing up… I will leave it at that. lol… Teenage angst seems to be starting earlier these days, but just like always it’s directed right at mom. I’ve had a lot of patience though, which is remarkable considering how little sleep I’m getting. I feel relatively even-keeled, and it’s nice. I still struggle with finding time for myself, but one thing I plan to do is get away for my birthday – alone! haha… no joke! I told my husband that for my birthday, I want him to take a vacation day and I’m going to spend the night alone in a hotel! Is that weird? lol… I kind of don’t care. I’m going to go shopping, maybe have a pedicure, have lunch at my favourite restaurant and then spend one glorious, delicious, quiet, luxurious night alone!! I’ll have a bath, order room service, maybe watch a movie.. and then.. wait for it.. SLEEP IN! Now mind you, sleeping in for me will be like 8am, but still! Does that not sound like the most amazing birthday EVER?
I think so.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I’m happy to be back, although this was one disjointed post! lol… Just playing catch up for now.
I hope some of my readers are still left – I’m sorry for abandoning you!


  1. Caitie says

    lol sounds like a great birthday! Not weird at all (or at least not for this family. All Adam wanted for his birthday was for the rest of us to go for a sleepover at the McGrandparents). Have a wonderful time you have earned it momma!

  2. meiandwarren@yahoo.ca says

    Hey lady! Still up for getting together … Sorry, I didn’t mean to leave you hanging. I’ve got no way to contact you other than email (which wasn’t always going to your phone) or posting to your blog (which seems a bit stalkerish). Since its March breach, wondering if you’d like to come over? Tuesday or Friday morning works for us (I believe you said mornings work best for you, but I know kids change it up on a dime). We have lots of afternoon availability. My kids don’t nap anymore so, it’s all awake time here! But we’ve got tonnes of itty bitty lego that I will tidy but cannot guarantee will be eliminated.

    You can reach my cell at 647-295-6616.

    Ps, I have full on fantasies of alone time and sleeping in. I hope yours become a reality! Happy B day, B!

    Would really love to catch up. Let me know! Mei

    Sent from my iPad

  3. says

    Thanks for update! I enjoy your blogs because you always write about what I’m going through and it’s so nice to hear from another mommy in my shoes. It feels like you’re one of my girlfriends that I’ve known for years. So, keep up the good work with W.W. You’re doing great! And you deserve to look/feel your very best! And happy birthday…your idea sounds PERFECT to me!! Take care!

    Paula G (Registered nurse turned SAHM to a 2 yr old son and stepmom to a 10 yr old daughter)

    • says

      Thanks, Paula!! My birthday isn’t actually until April 12th… I guess I’m a little excited about my plan. LOL
      It’s nice to connect with other moms online, it means so much to me that you can relate to what I go through.
      I love my blog friends!
      : )

  4. Becky says

    Glad to see you back! Oh and yeeeeeey for getting back in the jeans. There’s no greater feeling then fitting in clothes that you’d ruled out years ago.
    It’s funny you should mention the hotel. I was just saying to the husband that I couldn’t think of anything better right now than sleeping a full night in a hotel on my own…we are easily pleased aren’t we.
    Anyway, just stopped by to say hi from Yorkshire, England!!
    Becky xx


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