I’ve been nominated for an award!


How did THAT happen? LOL… I’m not sure.. but I’m so very excited!
There is a fabulous website called Circle of Moms who has a readership of over 6 MILLION people!!! They are holding their annual “Top 25 Funny Moms” contest and my blog is in the running!

In light of this fabulous news I am TOTALLY here to beg for your votes. I initially started this blog as a place to offer (and find) support for my struggles with Postpartum Depression, and this contest would be such a great platform to share my story and maybe help other mamas!

SO – please vote! You can vote once a day from now until the contest closes, and I hope you will! Please share this post, or even just the link. Let’s get the word out and show ’em why this blog deserves to be in the Top 25!

Here is the link:


Thank you!


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