Good things come to those who work…

So I’m on Day 4 of Weight Watchers.  Not entirely sure how I feel about it yet, but I’m “cautiously optimistic” as they say!  I want to lose weight SO badly.  I began my first pregnancy at a great weight – I was 26 and in good shape.  I’ve never been a super active person, but I was busy and YOUNG and my poor body hadn’t grown and pushed out three kids yet!

One year after my first:


Three years after my first:


My wedding day in 2009 – 5 years after my first:


There were six years in between my first pregnancy and my second, and I never did get back into my old clothes.  Close, but not quite.  Then I had my third pregnancy just one year after my second, and it’s been downhill from there.  I was right at 200 pounds when I delivered Ella last February – 200 pounds!  I was SO hoping I could avoid hitting that number… heck I’d have been thrilled with 199!  Lol… but no, I ate my way there.  I don’t think I necessarily looked like I weighed that much, I’m not sure, but unfortunately I am not one of those women who just naturally watch the baby weight “fall off”.

Who the hell ARE these women?  I hate them.

In labour with my second in 2010:


On my due date with my third in February 2012:


Anyway, after Ella was born I quickly dropped a bunch of pounds, and then stopped.  Not only did I stop, but then SOMEHOW* I gained back ten!!  What the ever loving HELL?  Not cool.

Five months after my third, June 2012:


So, it’s go time.  I hesitate to get too gung-ho or excited about this whole thing; as my husband likes to point out I’m kind of the queen of dropping stuff when I tire of it, but I can’t live the rest of my life like this!  I’m a married, stay-at-home mother of three, who is NOT wealthy by any means and is going through Postpartum Depression… do I really need to also look in the mirror and think, “GROSS.”?

It’s funny, while trying to pull pics of myself from the archives for this blog, I couldn’t help but notice how there were less and less as the years went on.  I have tons from before I had kids… TONS.  Even a bunch from the six years after I had my first baby.  But after that they are pretty few and far between, and what photos DO exist are most certainly only from the shoulders up.

What every photo of me looks like now. I literally hide behide my children or inanimate objects:


I realized after I went “balls to the wall” and chopped off all my hair that I had nothing left!  I can’t afford killer clothes, I’m a solid 30 pounds heavier then I should be (don’t even ask where I WANT to be), and all I had left was my beautiful, long, thick hair!  *face palm*  What was I THINKING?    I need to grab a hold of the reins and get everything under control.  So, the weight is coming off, the hair is growing out and the “old” (young?) B is bringing sexy back, bitches!!  I’ve had pretty much every hair colour and cut known to man, and I have learned in my old age that what works best on me is long, layered, and LIGHT… I can’t wait to go blond again.

As for the healthy eating, I think I’m doing well so far… I’m tracking my food like a champ and I haven’t cheated once!  Well, I made Kraft Dinner for my little dude yesterday and had a tablespoonful.  (It’s KD!  COME ON!)  But, otherwise I’ve been pretty diligent.  I need to incorporate some exercise, but that part is a lot harder when it’s January in Ontario and you have three young kids.  I did get a Zumba dvd for Christmas though (from me, to me) and I really need to start doing it.

So looking ahead I’m hopeful.  I KNOW I can do this, anyone can.  It’s just a matter of commitment and desire. How badly do I want it?  If there were tickets for the Oscars lying 100 feet away from me and I was chained by my hands and feet you would STILL see me working that red carpet, baby!  So I need to attack this with the same vengeance!

I figure that maybe if I share my journey here with you, it will keep me accountable and on track.  I am committing to weekly updates, and while I’m sure I will have tough days and weak moments, I know I can do this!

I have this picture posted EVERYWHERE:


Wish me luck!

*Eating total crap and not exercising – ever.


  1. D says

    Hi if you are looking for a good at home workout try the jillian michaels 30 day shred DVD- perfect for us moms who have no time. It cost about 8$, its 20 minutes long and it actually works!! good luck

    • says

      I’ve heard good things about this… I might have to check it out! Thank you.. it’s all about finding TIME so this sounds great!

  2. SABRINA says

    You totally CAN MB! Weight watchers is an AMAZING program. 80% of weight loss comes from diet alone. SO start slow. 20 minutes a day of “MB” time for exercise. Or just bring the kids out bundled up for a brisk 20 minute walk. I always say…start slow so it is consistently something you can do and achieve. I know how it feels to struggle to get your old body back :-( I’m still fighting for my pre baby body but I keep saying…slowly but surely and the pounds keep melting away (well….with hard work & strict diet of course) I allow myself one cheat meal a week as my reward. Proud of you girlie..GO GET EM!!!

    • says

      Thanks, Sab!! I’m determined and I KNOW I can do it. You totally gave me a confidence boost, thanks so much… With WW I get extra points each week but I’m trying to spread them out instead of binging… that’s no good.
      I will keep you posted! XO

  3. Erin says

    I gained waaaaaayyyy to much weight in college and grad school. I was working, studying, drinking… and felt terrible about myself. I lost over 40 lbs with weight watchers and have kept it off pretty easily (sometimes I notice I have gained 3-5lbs and then I just work to lose it in a few weeks). I am 5’2, so 40lbs was a LOT of extra weight on me. You can totally do it. I also recommend the Jillian Michaels, its not too long, so its doable a few times a week. I also don’t allow myself to just sit and watch TV. Sometimes I walk in place, sometimes I do arm workouts with my 3 lb weights (just bicep curls and such), but at least I am doing SOMETHING. I am now expecting my first and I know I will be back online at weight watchers as soon as I pop. Its such a healthy, attainable, sustainable way to start feeling good about yourself. Best of luck!

    • says

      Thanks Erin! That’s a really great point about not sitting down.. even when I’m watching TV I should do SOMETHING. I’m 5’6 and I understand how 40 pounds can be harder for a shorter person to carry, I feel your pain! Good luck with your pregnancy, and congrats! It sounds like you’re starting off on the right foot which should help you afterwards for sure.
      : )

  4. Melissa says

    If I can do it…so can you!! ((and I’m in Ontario too) I started in September after recovering from my 2nd baby. So far I have lost 12lbs. Instead of Weight Watchers I am spending my money on my gym membership and using to track what I eat.

    It all depends on how badly you want it :)

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