Just a little Christmas treat…

So… here I am.

Trying to ease myself back into my normal routine, instead of spending every waking moment staring at my children and hugging them until they begin flailing to escape my grasp… it’s not easy.  As with any disaster or tragedy that strikes, any resuming of normal life is immediately fraught with guilt.  But what can we do?  How better can we honour the sweet souls who were lost than by really living our lives and enjoying all the moments that we still have on this earth?  I have thrown myself into Christmas baking with the kids (followed, of course, by Christmas EATING), decorating, and planning our holidays with our families.

This year I’ve tried to be creative in my gift-giving.  Even before the heartbreaking loss in Newtown last week, I was attempting to steer the focus of this Christmas away from the consumerism that we all get sucked into, and I was making an effort to come up with some inexpensive and thoughtful gifts.  Having three kids means more EVERYTHING, and less money to go around.  So, not only does it make me feel good to give gifts that I’ve put a lot of thought into and even made with my own hands, it’s also less of a strain on the bank account, which is a gift to my husband too! lol..

Pinterest has been a huge help with this… man, what a great resource that thing is!  I wish it had been around during my wedding planning… I would have been crazy obsessed.  Instead, it caught my attention just at the start of the holiday season this year, and boy have I made it work for me!  Recipes, crafts, home decorations and yes – gift ideas!  I can’t reveal TOO much at this point, since the exchanging of presents hasn’t happened yet and I don’t want to spoil the fun, but over the coming weeks I will be sure to share all my little tricks and treats that I came up with this year.

Today I will start with something small and simple.. a little idea that struck as I made my daughter some hot chocolate the other day.  We had been out doing some last minute running around for a Christmas dinner we are hosting here this weekend, and it was cold and dark when we got home… perfect time for some a warm cup of yumminess.  I was lazy and instead of getting out the REAL stuff, I was going to make chocolate milk with the Nestle syrup and just microwave it.. lol.  At the last minute, I saw that we had a bag of Candy Cane Hershey Kisses, so I threw a couple of them in just for fun.  I heated everything in the microwave for just under a minute and then, in a fit of real Martha-ness, I crushed up a candy cane and sprinkled it on top.  All that was missing was some whipped cream!!!

Oh my GOSH was it delicious.. it tasted like it came from Starbucks or something!

photo 1

photo 2

I admit that ever since I’ve been tossing one of those kisses in my morning coffee… mmmm.  Luckily for my waistline the bag is now almost empty.

It was fun while it lasted, and at this time of year – and especially after this past week – there sure isn’t anything wrong with snuggling up next to someone you love and sharing something sweet.
Make every moment count.


  1. Jessica says

    I LOVE peppermint and chocolate! Which reminds me, I haven’t had any of that Loblaws Peppermint Chocolate ice cream yet. What’s it called? With the candy canes on the box? Anyway, I heard this fabulous idea somewhere, but it would be great for a party and I may do it next time I have the energy and the space to do one. Make hot chocolate and put it in your slow cooker for a hot chocolate bar! On the side have bowls of marshmallows and candy canes, and if you like a little somethin’ somethin’ for the adults.

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