To the sweet, sweet babies of Sandy Hook…

In our memories your eyes will always twinkle when you smile;

We’ll miss you every moment, but won’t see you for a while.

You’ll stay forever young and free, you’ll never have to age;

But we will have to carry on, and life will turn a page.

Your laughter will ring in the air, wherever we may go,

Through summer waves, crunching leaves and freshly fallen snow.


The years will pass, but you will stay just as you were today;

No senseless act of violence can ever truly take you away.


You’ll be in every drop of rain that falls, in every flake of snow;

You’ll live forever inside the hearts of everyone you know.

Each day that passes, your memory will grow and never fade;

You’ll be the laughter and the tears; the sunshine and the shade.


Today is not the day that you were meant to say goodbye;

We look for answers, reasons, begging to understand why.

But in the midst of sorrow and pain, we know that you are here;

May your loved ones find some comfort in knowing you are near.


A few short years, a life too brief, may you rest in peaceful sleep;

May strength and courage find their way to your loved ones as they weep.

Rest in peace, sweet babies.

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