Craft Time – part two… the Wine Bottle Nightlight!

I know I was going to post this yesterday, but I was tired and when the kids finally crashed I was behind them by about five minutes.
SO, here we go!

I saw this one online a while back (can’t remember where) and ran out to get my supplies!  Then I did nothing.  lol.. I don’t know why, but I stared at the stuff for like two months before I began.  However, once I sat down to do it, I was done in 30 minutes and was so surprised with how beautiful it was!  The beads not only give off a soft glow, but they project little circles of light all over the room which is so cool!

Here is what you need:

– an empty wine or liquor bottle, cleaned out with labels removed (this can be done very easily by soaking it in warm, soapy water for just a few minutes)
– a small string of lights (I wanted to use white but couldn’t find them, so the ones I used for this project are orange – all the Halloween stuff had just come out – and I love them
– scotch tape
– glass beads, whatever colour you like
– glue gun & glue

I started by feeding the lights into the bottle, making sure that the end with the plug was left out with enough cord to reach the outlet.  I had to give the bottle a few shakes as the lights would bunch up inside and you want them to be as evenly distributed as possible.

Once I had them in place, I taped the remaining cord all down the outside of the bottle.  The remaining cord and plug should run off from there, and you should have at least a foot or so of hanging cord so that you have room to plug it in somewhere.

Then I started gluing on my beads!  This part was so ridiculously relaxing and therapuetic, I don’t know why.  LOL.  I started at the top of the neck and worked my around and then down.  I recommend doing a full row of beads around the top, then a second row, and third, etc.  I also made the taped cord the “back” of my bottle, and I started my rows of beads at the “front”.  That way if the spacing isn’t perfect and you’re left with a spot that isn’t large enough for a bead, it will be at the back and no one will see it.

Here is it, part way through:
Doesn’t look like much, does it?  … Just wait.

It took no time at all, and just a small dab of glue on the bottom of each bead was enough to secure it VERY nicely in place.  If you have multi-coloured beads like I did, be sure to try and space them out so you have a nice pattern and not clumps of colours together.  I was done in about 30 minutes, super simple and fun to do.

 Here is the finished product!!

So gorgeous!  My daughter LOVES having this in her room, the space just glows and it’s so warm… it almost gives off the feeling of having a fireplace.  In retrospect you can see that I should have made sure that the lights were also going further up the neck of the bottle – there is a bit of a dark spot there.  But overall it’s SO adorable, I just love it!  Going to make one for my son as well with blue and green beads.

This is great for a child’s room, but would also be beautiful in a dining room (in place of candles) or even outdoor lanterns for warm summer meals and drinks outside.  You could do them in Halloween colours, Christmas colours… the ideas are endless!  Be sure to let me know if you try this one out, and if you have any other ideas about how to make them or what to use them for, I would definitely like to know!

Happy crafting!


  1. says

    I just spent the better part of the afternoon reading through your blog. I’m a fan. I enjoyed your story and will be stopping back by to see the next installment.

    I also have a craft addiction, a bit of adult ADD, a hubby, three kids, and a tendency to over-share the crazy that happens in my life.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Wow Nellie thank you SO much, what a compliment! I am so happy to have you on board and can’t wait to go check your blog out too..
      : )

  2. Marjorie says

    Hi, I love this idea! Where did you find the lights? Obviously every store has Christmas lights out now, but I’m thinking that any string will be too many lights in the bottle.
    We have a mutual friend, Cait, who told me about your blog and I’ve loved every entry. I think you’re brilliant.

    • says

      Thank you so much!! And welcome!
      : )
      Trust me, not all my ideas are original.. I get snippets here and there and sometimes I’m struck with the odd bit of inspiration.. LOL
      I got those lights at Walmart, in the seasonal section.
      I think that any string of less than 50 would work just fine.
      Thanks again for reading!
      ps – I love Cait!! She’s my mommy hero!

      • Marjorie says

        Thanks for the reply! I wandered the aisle at Walmart but thought even 35 would be too many. I want to make this for my teenaged sister for Christmas.
        Cait’s my mommy hero too.

    • Renee says

      I haven’t tried this yet but I bought a short string of battery operated lights so I can put it anywhere. I look forward to making it. I will be using three shades of blue beads.

  3. Davida says

    I hVe tried this and cannot get the beads to stay on the glass, have tried several different types of glue. What do you suggest that the beads will not fall off after a couple days?

    • says

      Hi Davida – I’m so sorry you’re having trouble! I had someone else tell me the same thing, but mainly I’ve not heard of anyone having an issue…
      Mine is still in tact, no beads have fallen off! I just used my little $5 glue gun from Michaels, and the little cheap glue sticks that you can buy there in like packs of 20… I’m not sure why yours aren’t sticking?
      I wonder if it could be something to do with the climate where you live? Humidity or something?
      I wish I could help more… I suppose you could try crazy glue or gorilla glue?
      Please let me know if you find a solution… Thanks for reading!

      • Tammy says

        I have made several of these using hot glue. Most of them stay together however I have one bottle that nothing will stay attached too. I have even sanded the bottle nothing has worked. I truly believe its the type of bottle/glass. Weird I know.

      • says

        That really IS weird – it’s got to be something in the make of the glass I agree.
        I am glad the others have worked!

  4. carol Heger says

    I am having same issue with the beads sticking to glass. They just keep falling off. I tried the gorilla glue , tacky glue, e6000 then e9000 they just drop off the glass.

    • says

      Sorry to hear that Carol… not sure what to tell you other than maybe try a different bottle? I’ve made a few of them and never had a problem at all!

      • Crystal R. says

        Same issue here. Tried my $5 cheap glue gun, tried e6000. I’m gonna try a different bottle and see if that helps. Dang. I was so looking forward to this craft.

  5. Diana Cox says

    I love this beautiful project. I also had trouble with my gems falling off the bottle. I purchased acrylic glue sticks that can be used on glass and the gems did not fall off. Hope this will be helpful to those who had this problem.

    • Daniela says

      I think the rest of the message was cut off, but about how many glass beads did you use for this? And if you have any suggestions on where to buy them, I’d love to know!

      • Mary Beth says

        Hi there.. I have no idea how many beads I used I bought them at Michaels. I went through about a half of one bag I believe.

  6. Sheri says

    I just found this thru Pinterest. Looks awesome so am hitting Michael’s after work. I need glue sticks anyway so why not add a couple other supplies? lol

  7. says

    Hi! I can’t wait to try this!! Do the lights get fed in from the top or is a whole drilled in the bottom? I’m wondering how the plug part isn’t totally noticeable. Let me know Thx!!

  8. Janet K. says

    I bought bags of gems at a store called, “Dollar Tree” where everything is a dollar. Haven’t done the project yet and am concerned about which glue to use since I am reading that people are having trouble.

  9. Bonnie Macklin says

    You can buy your lights year around at Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s (craft stores) I use the 20 light strand for a regular bottle 35-50 for bigger bottles. I drill a hole in the bottle so my cord is unseen & feed the lights in thru that hole. It’s not hard to do but looks much nicer.

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