Craft time! Part 1 – the T-shirt Bag

Oh craft time, how I love thee!!!
A few crafts to share today, I will break them into separate posts for ya.

First off, the T-shirt Bag!  I am loving this one a lot more than I even thought I would, it’s awesome.  I have a great double stroller but it has NOT so great storage underneath.. these bags are perfect to bring in the diaper bag and then clip onto my Mommy Hook when I’m out shopping.  They are WAY sturdier than plastic and a lot prettier too.  Bonus: all those shirts my 8 year old freaks out over not being able to wear when she outgrows them can be made into cute totes for her!  WIN/WIN!

Here’s how it’s done:

I took an old shirt that I no longer wear, turned in inside out and carefully cut off the sleeves along the seam.  You can discard the sleeve part.

Then I pinned along the bottom edge and sewed it shut:

Then I simply turned it inside out and VOILA – I had a new bag!

Well to be honest I also hemmed around the sleeves where I cut, but that’s just because I’m a bit of a spaz about detail sometimes.  I really didn’t NEED to.

I can’t wait to do some for my daughter, she’s going to get such a kick out of them!  They are soft, durable, and REALLY useful to have on hand, not to mention the whole environmental thing!

Happy sewing!


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