Nights in white… bathrobes?

Oh my god, what a week!


We finally got our alarm installed – YAY! – so happy. I can relax and even when I’m home alone with the kids I feel safe. I LOVE hearing the little “beedoop” every time a door opens or closes. It’s like a little guardian angel reminding me that she’s here! LOL… so for now, I hate my neighbourhood a teeny bit less.

I have to say, however, that I HATE the fact that this stupid jackass that caused all this has likely passed my house and seen the “PROTECTED BY ALARM FORCE” sign. I don’t want him having the satisfaction of knowing that he threw us into such a frenzy. Who am I kidding? He’s likely some crack head who thinks my house is a ginormous, terrifying doll house that’s come to life or something.


One special moment that I had this week was when my wonderful boys came over to thank me for my incredible stupidity bravery…

Anyhoo.. speaking of the break in, my neighbours are still trying to sort out their insurance claims and re-secure their premises. In the midst of doing so, one of them decided to mess me with jusssssssst a little bit.

Remember my first post here on this blog? The one that talked about my wonderful neighbours and how I often stand in the centre of my chaos and wondering what blissful happenings are going on across the street? I wrote about how I picture them sitting in their fluffy white robes, enjoying lazy breakfasts and design magazines.. their childless, double income, beautiful life intrigues and infuriates me. LOL. So, on Sunday morning* there I am, going nuts with the kids, the mess, the soccer practice that we’re late for, and I’ve heated up my coffee 7 times and it’s only half done.

Then, my phone dings, and I see this:

Bitch! Lol – so mean. So, I called him out:

HA HA! I’d say just invite me over next time, but…. um… yah, I’m afraid of your house now.
; )

*EDITOR’S NOTE: time stamp on text is 12:31PM… NOT morning. So not only was my neighbour in his fluffy white robe with a coffee and a magazine, he was in his fluffy white robe with his coffee and his magazine at almost 1 in the goddamn afternoon!!
; )


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