The evolution of a Pixie Cut.

A few months back I started developing a mild obsession with Ginnifer Goodwin’s hair.  She was crazy brave and went from long luscious locks to a SERIOUSLY short and edgy do over a very short period of time.  Then my fascination with her seemed to morph into a major girl crush on Michelle Wiliams.. (The Heath Ledger baby mama, not the lost member of Destiny’s Child)

Michelle has come a long way from her Dawson’s Creek days, I tell ya!  Her hair is insane now.  Graceful and elegant and totally highlights her facial features.  Mind you, after three kids I do NOT share her figure, but I’m slowly getting back to my old self.  I admit that I DO think this cut suits a petite frame, and I’m not petite, but I also think it’s about styling, make up, jewellery and cute clothes!

Anyway, I digress as usual.  I began to plot my hair cutting scheme… how would I get this past my husband?  He wasn’t going to actually STOP me, but come on… guys LOVE long hair and my hair is unbelievably thick and when I actually took the time to DO it, it was pretty awesome hair.

 My wedding day – August 1st, 2009

But, I have three kids now and NO TIME.  Besides, I have to be honest and say that I have always dreamed of knowing what it would be like to have wash ‘n’ go hair! My hair might have looked nice when I styled it, but it was honestly a two hour job from start of shower to getting dressed.  I was so jealous of my friends who could just leave the house with wet hair and still look amazing an hour later.  I will never know what that’s like with long hair, it’s just not in the cards.

So I looked at a billion pictures and went in for what would be Appointment Number One.  Allow me to explain – when you decide to chop off all your hair, people think you are insane.  They wonder if you need a white jacket that buckles in the back and they ALLLLLLLL try to talk you out of it!  I had a few friends who thought it was a wicked idea… (Ginger, Tracy, Karla.. you guys ROCK!) but everyone else did this weirdly sharp inhale when I told them my plan.. “ooooh…. really?”  Even at the salon I had people gathering around me in AWE that I was planning to do something so drastic.  I think they were all worried about being held responsible when I looked in the mirror and had a mental breakdown or something.. lol.

So in the end, Appointment Number One was progress, but NOT what I wanted.  Here is what my hair looked like when I got home that day:

Exactly one week later I knew I wasn’t happy with my hair.  Everyone else seemed to love it but it WASN’T WHAT I WANTED!  So, I went back in for what I shall refer to as Appointment Number Two.


This time I was armed with a photo!  I shared my vision with a more senior stylist at the salon:

And here’s what I looked like when I left:

It really WAS much better, but as the weeks wore on I still felt like it wasn’t the pixie that I wanted.  My hair is REALLY thick and it still looked like a helmet on my head.  I needed thinning out, layers, texture!! I tried to make it look right on my own, but it wasn’t happening.  Everyone thought I was seriously losing it.  But, I went back AGAIN.

Appointment Number Three (today)…

Here is what I brought in, and this time I had the owner himself cutting my hair:


And here is how I look right now:


Okay surely I’ve lost my mind, because I still think it needs to be shorter… lol…  but overall I REALLY like it.  I miss my blond highlights and I will definitely get them back again but likely in the spring.  For now, I will just be my natural brunette self, only PIXIER!

I hope I don’t look too much like a middle aged soccer mom… but really, that’s what I am so I guess it’s okay if I do.  Not sure what my husband thinks, but he’s pretty great about that stuff… nothing can stop that man from pawing at me so I consider myself lucky and I don’t think a haircut will change things, even if he prefers the “Barbie” hair!

Besides, I like it – and that’s just a great feeling!!

Happy Halloween! B

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  1. mandy says

    Just read this blog and I have A LOT to say and need to include pics! I went through the same thing with my hair (minus the kids part at the time)! I’ll email you! xo

    • says

      YES! Please do!! I’ve decided I am NOT HAPPY with this cut either. LOL… It’s still not short enough, it is still really thick and pouffy and it needs to be sorted out. I love it short, but I’m not there yet.

  2. Melissa says

    I just found your blog a few weeks ago and love your writing style and honesty. I’m 34, my littles are 3 yrs old and 15 months and I work from home, so I can relate to SO many of your posts. I just discovered this one and have the same hair obsession with Ginnifer Goodwin. I too spent the last six months going from a stacked bob to a short pixie….and no one can understand why it’s still not short enough :-) I’d love to know if you’re still rocking that cute pixie cut or if you went for something different. Short haired girls unite!

  3. says

    I like your hair short. No, you don’t look like a mom, I know you are, but you look like you could put jeans and at shirt on and look like a high schooler! I’m 37 and I’d like to know I don’t look it! So that’s a compliment. Anyway I’m thinking of getting a pixie. I’ve been pouring over pics for six months. Yeah, six…anyway ill get the nerve eventually.:)

    • says

      Thanks, Lesa! I’m in the process of growing it out, but to honest I think I’m going to cut it again – I like it short and it’s SO thick… Too yucky in the summer!
      Thanks for reading – and writing!

  4. Donna Coffeen says

    Each time you get it shorter, the better I like it. I think you would look fabulous with an Emma Watson at her shortest kind of cut. Seriously it would be gorgeous on you.


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