Desperate times call for desperate measures.

So, until the new alarm is installed:


*Disclaimer: I do not own a gun (let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack… SORRY, Wayne’s World nostalgia), nor do I own a Rottweiler.
I DO, however, own lots of kitchen knives and a Cocker Spaniel.

Enter at your own risk, bitch.


    • says

      Well you’ve really thrown a wrench in my plan. I have NO idea how to kill a headless horseman.
      Heading to local library immediately.
      I will report back with my findings.

  1. Jennifer says

    We have a sign at our doors that say “Attention Bad Guys: My dog bites people he likes. What do you think he’ll do to you?” No break ins so far so I like to think it’s working. Maybe try that?

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