Giving thanks – for the memories!

Today is Thanksgiving here in the great white north, and I’ve been thinking
a lot about my life and all that has brought me to where I am. I always see
the generic posts on Facebook.. “I am so thankful for my beautiful children
and my amaaaaaazing husband!” lol… yah yah yah… the children that just
smeared their dirty hands all over your wall and the husband who left his
worn underwear on the dining room table?

(I’m not saying that has happened in this house.. but I’m implying that it

Anyway, yes, we are all grateful for our sticky-fingered children and
man-child husbands. I love them all immensely and they complete my life in
every way.. BUT.. if I’m to be really honest, there are a lot of other
things that I’m thankful for today. Silly, superficial, delicious, material,
ridiculous, simple things, and I think it’s fun to look inside once in a
while and be brutal honest with one’s self about what makes us tick! And
thus, here is my list of all that I am grateful for on this Thanksgiving


I LOVE MUSIC. I can’t imagine a life without music and I don’t want to. I
love to sing and dance and swing my kids around, I love to CRANK it in the
car on those rare drives when I’m alone! I love all kinds of music and the
joy that it brings me is just impossible to explain. When certain songs come
on I simply CANNOT sit still. I remember a few nights in my early twenties
when I’d be driving home from a bar after a night out with my friends.. I’d
hear one or two great songs on the radio and just couldn’t resist the urge
to literally turn around and go back to the bar for some more dancing! Lol.
The best memories of my life are associated with music.. I have a song for
every memory. Births, deaths, special events, first kisses, slow dances,
it’s all tied in to what song was playing. Some people associate their joys
and memories with scents, for me it’s all about the tunes.


In the months that I’ve been dealing with my Postpartum Depression I know
that I haven’t laughed as much as I normally do, but I’m so happy to report
that it’s all starting to come back to me now! I love to laugh.. you know
the kind – tears streaming down your face, your arm clutching the front of
you, holding your belly because it hurts from cracking up so hard! You can’t
speak, and every time you try you just laugh harder. Isn’t that the BEST?
Those moments are just sheer joy, and I find that I only have a handful of
people in my life that I really share them with.


Lip balm

Dear lip balm… how did people survive before you came along, you sweet
little thing? My husband says I’m addicted, and he’s right. I have one on
pretty much every surface of every room, and in every purse. Oh and one in
my car, which melts into a liquid in the summer and turns into a block of
ice in the winter – but I don’t care! My little friend and I will never be


I don’t care how lame this one sounds, I love TV. There is nothing like
being so excited for a new episode of your favourite show! I love finally
getting the kids to bed and curling up on the couch with my husband to get
lost in our favourite programs. With three young kids it’s our little
version of date night! My husband and I also have very different tastes in
many things, so when we both find a show that we love it’s pretty cool. And
sometimes, when my sanity is on the brink and I’m about to cry, you’re damn
right I park my kids in front of Treehouse and open the front door to
breathe in the cold air and count to ten. Or a thousand.

Nap time

God bless naptime. That little break in the day of the stay-at-home mom
where she can collect her thoughts, grab a shower and have a cup of java.
What would we DO without that blissful hour or two to ourselves? It might
not seem like much, but us moms LIVE for it. So thank you, naptime, just for
being you.

My iPhone

Yes we live in “THIS” day and age where we are all completely isolated by
social media and “real” relationships are scarce, but I am SO thankful for
this little pod of joy that is sometimes my ONLY connection to the outside
world. When I’m a prisoner in my van – parked in the driveway because the
baby is asleep in the back, or when I’m desperately trying to stay awake
while nursing at 2:30am, it’s a godsend. Besides, I ABHOR talking on the
phone. It’s just too hard. If it’s not one of my kids screeching in the back
or banging their head on the coffee table it’s one of yours. I can’t get a
full sentence out, and I don’t want to have to try. So, I will happily
email, text, Facebook or Tweet you, because I can walk away from that and go
back to it as many times as I need to and do it when it’s convenient for me.

Foot Rubs

I guess we’ve entered the phase of this post where my husband and children
inevitably creep their way in… because there would be no foot rubs without
the husband that so grudgingly lovingly provides them! Not to say that he doesn’t
expect payback (the wives know exactly what I’m talking about… there’s no
such thing as a free lunch, is there girls?), but he does a better job than
even my favourite spa, and I have the joy of being in my pjs on my own

I read a great quote recently (on Pinterest, naturally) that struck a chord
and made me feel very blessed…

The happiest people are not the ones who have the best of everything,
but the ones who make the best of everything that they have.

I might not like my house, or my neighbourhood. Sure I wish we had tons more
money and that I didn’t drive a ten year old van. I wish I could sleep three
more hours every night and that a magic fairy would clean my bathrooms before I wake… but in the grand scheme of things, I am so freaking lucky.
I have three gorgeous, sweet, healthy, funny, bright kids that I just want
to gobble up with my turkey. I have a husband who really loves me and is
totally dedicated to our little family. I have friends and parents and
siblings and cousins and lots of love and laughter in my life.

I think that you have to be an active participant in your life. You can’t
just sit back and wait for all the good and beauty in the world to come to
YOU – you have to look for it and hunt it down! It’s always there, even in
the darker moments. We all have the obvious things to be thankful for at
Thanksgiving, but life is made up of a million different moments and I
personally love taking the time to lock as many of them away in my memory as
I can… I’ve had some “rainy” days and it’s like wrapping myself up in a
big warm blanket when I remember all the wonderful moments, songs, meals,
laughs, shows, dances and yes – foot rubs! – that I’ve enjoyed over the

Life is beautiful, and I am thankful indeed.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
xo B

*No explanation necessary


  1. Sue says

    Love reading your blogs!! I too have a ChapStick addiction (it used to be Shaka Laka Lip Balm…I go back and forth) but the only difference is my husband has Carmex on him at all times so he can relate. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your darling family!

    • says

      Thanks Sue! We all have our little vices, don’t we? lol.. Always good to be grateful for the small things that make us smile.

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