Coffee, crafts & cabinets!

Ahhhhhhhhh coffee.  Honestly I don’t know how some people survive without it.  I have a friend (with two small children! who doesn’t drink coffee or tea or ANYTHING and she still seems like a normal person!  Weird.  I can’t function without it anymore, but I was a later bloomer in the java world.  I never jumped on the bandwagon until just about five years ago.  (And I have a daughter who is almost nine.. that means that somehow I scraped by for the first few years of her life without the help of Mr. Caffeine!)

Anyway I digress.  My best friend and her little 3 week old baby were supposed to come hang out this morning, we sort of have a Friday tradition, but she cancelled and I am kind of okay with it.  Pjs, coffee, little dude is on the couch watching Rango, baby E is napping and I’m enjoying – you guessed it – my coffee!  Have I mentioned that I put chocolate sauce in it instead of sugar… yah.  It’s heaven.

(By asking that question I just discovered that my computer is doing that STUPID thing where your question mark key makes some weird symbol.  WHY DOES THAT HAPPEN… okay I just did it again, I can’t put a question mark at the end of that question!  lol…)

So in the brief two days since my last post I have been up to even MORE fun mischief around the house!  I cleaned out ALL the kitchen cabinets and reorganized everything.  Our house is almost 70 years old but the original kitchen was redone by the previous owner.  Not very well, I might add, but redone nonetheless.  We often wonder what the orignal layout was, because the way it was renovated is NOT functional.  Naturally upon first glance it looks like a perfectly lovely kitchen:




But after living here for just a few weeks (we’ve now been here four years) it became painfully obvious that it was going to be a very inconvenient space to work with.  The dishwasher should be to the immediate right of the sink, the microwave should be on the other side of the room where the other cooking appliances are, and although it might not appear to be so bad in the pictures, there really isn’t enough storage OR counter space.

So I am on the attack and have set about with making the most of what we’ve got!

– donated a TON of stuff we never use and created more room by using the riser to store more plates – stored the mixer and other items that we use less frequently on the top shelves since we don’t need to access them as often


– Sorted ALL the storage containers, threw out any lids that had no partners and organized them by side, and all in one convenient place


– I even organized the junk drawer.  I was amazed at the WEIRD things that had found their way in there!


– This one is my FAVOURITE brilliant idea from yesterday! We have one large drawer that I never knew what to do with. For the last four years it has held placemats.  What a waste of space!  I decided to turn it into the “Kid Drawer”!  They can now access it easily and help set their own places for meals, etc.  YAY!


This week also marks the start of a BIG project – my mom and I (okay, basically my mom) will be sanding and repainting all of the kitchen cabinets and walls!  I AM SO EXCITED!  I HATE the colour of the wood that is currently there – no offense, I’m sure many people would love it, but I personally can’t stand it.  I love a white kitchen, like REALLY love a white kitchen, so that’s where we’re headed!  All of the upper cabinets will be painted white, and all of the lowers as well – EXCEPT the small row of lower cabinets that stand alone on the other side of the room next to the fridge.  Those will be painted a greyish green:


I know it’s going to transform the room, I can’t wait.  What we would really love to do is take down the upper half of the wall next to the fridge (where the microwave currently sits) and create a breakfast bar that opens into our dining room and will also give a direct view into the family room, but I’m not sure about that one just yet.

I will be posting pics along the way.. I hope we aren’t biting off more than we can chew!  It will be an interesting project to take on with three kids in the house, that’s for sure.

Wish me luck!
; )


  1. Tracey says

    Will be gorgeous -can’t wait to see. (and yeah, who put together THAT ‘functionality’??) Thankfully I CAN type question marks ….???? :) xo

  2. Cara says

    You should try the rustoleum kitchen transformation product versus a paint….it has a few special coats which protects and seals the colour and you can tint it to virtually any colour….But it does take way more time then just painting the cabinets….we also painted the inside of the doors which takes longer too….can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. Nikki says

    The weird key I am assuming you mean this one: É? Sometimes my computer will randomly change my keyboard from US to “Canadian French”. Depending on whether you are on a mac or a pc, there should be a keyboard icon either in the top right or bottom right corner somewhere. Click on that and you should be able to change it!

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