Whip it, whip it good! (Into shape, that is..)

So it’s 3:39pm on a Wednesday and I am sitting here on the couch, still in my pjs. Is that wrong?

Okay well maybe I can get away with it once in a while… but the kids are still in theirs too. Oops! You know what? It’s raining and grey and cold and my husband had to take the van to work today because he’s picking up a coffee table on the way home… so why do we need to get dressed? I can’t go anywhere anyway!

It’s been a cozy day full of snuggles and snacks… and I’ve loved every minute of it. I have played trains, sang songs, watched cartoons (yah we watch TV in this house… get over it), and come up with some super imaginative ways to keep my two year old busy so that I could even sneak in a cup of coffee! Whee!

Cal spent half his morning at the “car wash”!

I’ve been on a MAJOR cleaning, decorating and organizing spree over the last few weeks. I suppose with everyone coming down with that nasty cold (see previous post), I was suffering from some serious cabin fever and I just got the itch to get down to business.

People always talk about spring cleaning, but to be honest I do it in the fall… I live in Ontario and the winter is long and cold… why do I want to WAIT to clean out all my crap when I’m going to be stuck inside the house with the kids all winter?! No thanks! So I’ve been on a mission to declutter, simplify and BEAUTIFY this place.

Here is some of what I’ve come up with so far…

I began in the kitchen… I bought super cheap “tupperware” from IKEA to organize all the little things in my cabinets and fridge and made sure they were clear for easier use:






Then I decided to put together a cleaning kit, almost like a cleaning lady would. I have lots of friends who actually HAVE cleaning ladies – but in this house, I AM the cleaning lady. This kit will travel around the house with me to make the jobs quick and easy. I included all my cleaners, sponges, magic erasers, rubber gloves, garbage bags and dusting cloths:


(All I need now is a second vaccum to keep upstairs and life is grand!)

And last but not least, to go along with my overwhelming urge to rid all unnecessary things from my life, the hair had to go!

More posts coming… I’ve been up to some crafty tricks and yummy eats lately!

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