Stay tuned..

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to recover from a bug that has knocked our entire family OUT.

I’m dying to write but every time I try someone cries or sneezes or spikes a fever or throws up. Good times.

Normally when I hear one of my kids sneeze I toss out a “bless you” from the other room… that is not, however, where we are at right now. If one of these kids sneezes you’d better be there with a tissue in two seconds FLAT because there will be two streams of snot hanging from each nostril and they will most likely be licking it off their lips. Sooooooo gross.
I learned this lesson the hard way when I had the nerve to leave the room to start dinner the other night. When I returned five minutes later it was like a snotty horror movie.

My third grader must have brought it home from school. It then attacked my two year old son, then my 6 month old daughter. And now, the one person that’s not “allowed” to get sick is, wait for it, SICK!

Yup. I’m down for the count and I’m searching everywhere but I just cannot find that number I’m supposed to use to call in sick. Oh, right.. IT DOESN’T EXIST.

I have a ton of stuff to blog about, including the best recipe for stew you’ll ever find, but it’s going to have to wait.

Stay tuned, I’ll be back.
xo B

My poor sweet baby:


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