It’s a jungle in here!

Oh my gosh what a start to my week…

The weekend was a bit of a write off to begin with. My husband spent Saturday at my brother’s house doing his Fantasy Football picks (ugh.. fall is here) and then spent Sunday helping his brother move so I was pretty much housebound with the kids until yesterday afternoon.

Those little monkeys wear me out, holy smokes.

Yesterday was “Sunday dinner” at my mom’s place which I always look forward to. Two brothers, one sister, plus spouses and ten grandkids – it’s FUN and my kids always have such a ball. Last night my mom kept my oldest daughter overnight, along with my two other nieces AND two of my nephews. Can you even imagine how much fun those kids had and how exhausted my poor mother was this morning? LOL!

Last night started off well, one less kid to get to bed and the little ones were asleep by 8. But then Baby E was up constantly and then the kicker: the power went off at 5:30 this morning. This in itself sucked because I am a noise maker mom. I have air purifiers or white noise makers in all the bedrooms, including my own. We live on a busy street with lots of traffic noise, not to mention the LOUD two year old who screams during the baby’s naps and the lovely neighbours I’ve spoken of before who enjoy a good booming reggae marathon at 2am. In this house, white noise is a MUST. But this means that when the power goes out, it’s suddenly so silent that the LACK of noise is disturbing. I can’t win.

So everyone is stirring at 5:30 this morning and I’m thinking NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO please don’t wake up! A minute later the power clicks back on and just as I’m about to sigh with relief and close my eyes again I realize that the white noise machines have turned back on, but to their default setting which is JUNGLE BIRDS. So, blaring across the top floor of the house are parrots and macaws and various other tropical bird noises. I would have laughed if I wasn’t about to cry. Good grief! Everyone was up at that point, and naturally today was a day that my husband had to be out the door by 7:15.
Lol.. Today has been a long one!

We had a play date this morning which helped turn it around. I mean, heck, we all know that play dates are really for the moms and their huge cups of coffee more than anything else! Every mother needs a good bitch session once in a while with someone else who understands PERFECTLY what she’s going through.  My girlfriends always seem to validate every single thing that I’m thinking and feeling, it’s so great.  Kids driving her nuts?  CHECK!  Husband about to get a kick in the cajones?  CHECK!  Apologies for not having showered that day?  Not necessary – neither of us had managed that this morning!  lol…
Nothing compares to a friend telling me that she always feels better when she leaves my house, which is what I heard this morning.  How awesome is that?  It all comes down to how much we need to support our mama friends – no one else understands what we’re going through, all we have is each other!

Other than the tough start to the day, I’ve been feeling good lately. I find I’m really enjoying the kids and even wishing I could freeze time to soak it all in. Cal’s vocabulary is exploding which is SO exciting for us to see. He’s 27 months now and was very late to speak so hearing sentences fly out of his mouth is beyond gratifying for us. Baby E turned six months on Friday, loves her new foods and is starting to inch around – crawling will happen any time now! My eight year old is starting Grade 3 next week, AND at a new school where she will in a gifted class. I’m so proud of her and how brave she has been to embrace this new experience, I can’t wait to see what this new curriculum has to offer her.

Here are some pics from the last week…

My sweet baby E turned 6 months!

My little man Cal is THISCLOSE to using the potty!

… and my three kiddos have started watching cartoons together in the morning.
Melts my heart!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Caitie says

    Oh B I laugh/cried in sympathy with you over the noise machines. The Vmonster used to play around with ALL on ours and somehow manage to set alarms so at 3am a radio or jungle would come roaring to life (full volume naturally) and scare the crap outta me. Glad to hear your day improved and presumably your mom survived the sleepover :)

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