Thanks for the invite!… (that I gave myself)

My daughter typically spends about two nights a week at her dad’s house.  It works for us and while there are some kinks that I’m dying to work out it’s been decent for six years now and we have our own little system.

For some reason, this week he wanted to take her out for dinner on Thursday (last night).  No problem, I said let’s talk closer to the date and figure out the details.

I try to facilitate them spending time together whenever possible, and I try to be flexible whenever I can.
(See my post about “broken families”)

I just want T to be happy.

So her dad calls yesterday and says he wants to take her to Red Lobster.

I’m not sure what happened, but my cravings for crab combined with the fact that I hadn’t been out of the house without the baby in six months took over, and I invited myself along.  LOL.

My poor husband has been bugging me to get out.. get out with friends, get out with HIM, go for coffee, anything.  But, my exhaustion and anxiety and PPD has held me back.  I hate leaving my kids and I feel like no one can take care of them like I do!  Which in reality is true, but it’s not the end of the world, either.

So instead of going out with my best friend or my husband, I went out for dinner with my ex.  lol… oh well, it was RED LOBSTER!  In truth, it was a wonderful thing to do for my eight year old daughter who rarely gets time with her mom and dad together.  We had a great time, made it all about her, let her have all her favourite foods and a big sundae for dessert.  She was in H.E.A.V.E.N.

I stuffed myself with bread, crab, shrimp and salad until they could have rolled me home, so I guess I was in heaven too.  When I got back my two babies were crying their eyes out and my husband was standing there helplessly with a frantic grin on his face… but they were alive and I was home in time for snuggles and bedtime which was my goal.

Life just makes me laugh sometimes… I am thankful for the relationship I have with my ex, and I am even more thankful for my supportive and understanding husband – but I definitely owe him a date now!!

: )


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    it’s great that you can have such a good relationship with your ex. my mother and father have always had a good relationship (they divorced when i was three) and i can’t imagine how awful things could have been if they hadn’t found a way to put their difference aside and focus on what was most important, ME.

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