Why am I here??

Maybe some of you have wondered why I’ve chosen to bare my soul to the world and share my journey through Postpartum Depression (among other things)… and here is your answer:

“This ppd crap is something society made up to make it sound like a real issue like fibromyalgia. This is emotions peope not physical. Oh you had a baby and freak out about your new life what to do can’t take it back. Well guess what don’t have kids until you are ready and willing to put them first. Not ready then don’t have them. It’s easy to pop pills and call yourself cured when this is a matter of realization that this is your new life.”

The above quote was written by a reader in the comments section at www.people.com This ill-informed person, who ironically enough chose the screen name of “Mom”, thought it would be helpful and pertinent to share her thoughts on a posted story about Alanis Morissette talking about HER struggles with PPD.

Thank you, kind reader, for reminding me of why I am here.  You are a moronic imbicile and have given me yet another reason to live. (I already have many, don’t fret…)

THIS person, this “Mom”, is the reason that people don’t TALK about PPD!  Why are we ashamed?  Why do we hide it?  We are not broken, I AM NOT BROKEN!  This is a chemical imbalance that is a result of carrying and delivering and nursing a little tiny, helpless, precious, perfect baby!  Don’t make me feel BAD for that!

I am a good mom, I love my kids and I was ready to bring them into my life!  I have never been a partier, a traveler, a spender, a drinker or even a real sleep in-er… this has ZERO to do with me not being ready for a child and EVERYTHING to do with science.

I am so angry at this woman, but more than anything I am so disappointed in her.  This goes back to my initial PPD post, in that we as mothers so desperately need to be there for each other, and so often we’re not.  It’s a competition, a race, a friggin’ olympic event.. “I am the gold medalist of mothering!!!”

Shut. Up.

With the gross exceptions of those who neglect and hurt their children, we are all doing our best, and we all win.

Except this woman.. she loses.


B xo

PS: 187 of you read my post yesterday on napping.  I begged to know I wasn’t alone, I NEEDED to know I wasn’t alone.  Not one person left a comment.
So, I’m a freak.  Thanks.  Good to know.  LOL.


  1. Karla says

    Wow… That is really sad. I myself had no such syptoms of PPD and perhaps this “Mom” person had the same experience I did so she is basing her completely ignorant statement on her own experience. Don’t get me wrong, that was in no way meant to excuse her!

    If there is one thing we learn from pregnancy, child birth and raising children it is that no two are alike. Everyone’s experience is different. Some people have PMS and others don’t. Some people don’t like Jazz and others do. Spinning rides make some people nauseous and other people laugh.

    It doesn’t mean there is something WRONG with you that your body reacts to different things differently than others. I’m so glad women who experience PPD are finding others who have had similar experiences and can find people who can empathize whether they had PPD or not. We need to be there for each other as women and mothers but most of all as human beings!

    There is nothing more annoying than someone who makes a blanket judgment about something that is infinitely complecated without knowing more than a few cursory details of the situation! Grrrr!

    You go MB! Proud of you and what you are doing to bring awarness and comfort!

  2. Lauren says

    Believe me, you are not alone. Your words echo my thoughts daily. You may also still be a freak – aren’t we all in our own little way!?! Lol!

  3. says

    Dear blogger I came across your blog because of the comments made on people.com I was glad another celebrity spoke about ppd bc God knows we need more positive advocates. I have two beautiful girls 10 and 2 I had ppd with both after my second child I was left with an anxiety disorder I treat on a daily basis nonetheless I am blessed and now I talk openly about my experiences. There is no shame or blame. Feel free to look at my blog :)

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