The Dynamics of Napping

Am I the only one that spends endless hours counting minutes and figuring out blocks of time and freaking out over naps?  I swear, my kids and their sleep are going to be the death of me – or rather, my SANITY!  Here is a sample of my day:

“Okay, it’s 9am and Baby E just went down so if she sleeps until 10:30 that’s perfect because then she and Cal will nap at the same time this afternoon… yay!”

“Shit.  Baby E just woke up and it’s only 9:30 – damnit, that means that she will nap again at 11:30 and Cal doesn’t nap until 12:30 or 12:45.  This sucks”

“Wait, it’s 11:30 and Baby E still seems okay.. maybe she can stay awake for (check clock).. one more hour!  Then her and Cal will nap together!  Yay!”

“Oh  no, it’s 4pm and Baby E is up from her afternoon nap.. there’s no way she will stay awake until her bedtime at 7!  What am I going to do?  She’s going to want to go to bed for the night at like 6pm!  Maybe I will try to put her down for a little nap at like 5:30?  Maybe I will go for a little drive so she doesn’t sleep too long.  Wait, I have to make dinner… “

Then I call my husband and freak out asking when he’s going to be home.  LOL.  What is WRONG with me?  Surely other mothers are not counting hours and trying to coordinate naps this way!

The kids were doing so well in the beginning.  Cal is two so he naps from about 12:30 – 2:30 and Baby E always seemed to sleep then too, of course she had two or three other naps a day still, so it was easier to massage her timeline a bit to overlap with his.

But she’s dropped one of those naps, and here is what my day typically looks like now:

Baby E nap from 8 – 9am

Baby E nap from 10:30 – 12:30

Cal nap from 12:30 – 2:30

Baby E nap from 2:30 – 4:30

Baby E bed at 7pm

Cal & T bed at 8pm

That is the suckiest schedule in the WORLD!  What the heck?  Someone is always napping and I am NEVER ALONE!  Baaah.

My husband made a comment to me once when Cal was little that I needed to be more “dynamic”.  I’d never heard the word used that way before, but the literal meaning is:

pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic

Sounds about right.  Good plan.  I have to go with the flow and adapt.  And hey, the way I see it is that right when Baby E drops down to one nap that will line up perfectly with Cal’s, he will stop napping altogether!  Lol.


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  1. Shelly Robinson Canales says

    188, perhaps? I wholeheartedly understand. My youngest are 10.5 months apart and I spend more time dreaming of successful naps than they spend napping. I think I’ll just start daydreaming about their college years. 😉

  2. says

    oh no ppd mama warrior survivor, you are not alone. i only have one so i don’t have to try and coordinate naps, but the friends i do have who have two or more are endlessly trying to coordinate naps to give themselves a little peace and quiet or empty the dishwasher or take a nap or whatever. there should probably be a college course in naptime coordination.

  3. says

    I am obsessed with my children’s sleeping. I have a 1-year old and a 3-year old. The 3-year old is in childcare 3 days per week and the other days my husband is at home (as he is a PhD student). So I don’t know how other mums manage it on their own while their partner is at work. Currently my schedule is:

    6am Wake Up
    10am 1yr old sleeps from 45 mins to 1.5 hrs
    1pm 3 yr old may or may not sleep for 1.5 hrs
    3pm 1 yr old sleeps for 45 minutes
    7pm/7:30pm Bed…then mum cracks open a bottle of a red.

    Only once have they both slept through the night (on the same night). Best sleep I ever got. And only a handful of times have they napped at the same time.

    I honestly think that with little kids, this is probably as hard as it gets…physically. My husband and I keep saying we’re in the zone of hardness and it will only get better from here. “Zone of Hardness!”

  4. Janice says

    You are definitely NOT alone! I have always been adamant in maintaining the sleep routine – and always advise new moms likewise – so important to their moods and well being – I am always mentally planning things to the minute as to how I can most effectively utilize my time while they are sleeping – I often also stay up quite late at night to do many of the things that need to be done as I am back at work now. Of course, as they get older – it becomes easier because they become more independent. I can probably count on one hand how often I get to a mall and when I do – it’s a major time crunch – must be executed with precision – no “just checking things out for fun” – it’s a mission. Sadly grocery shopping has become my one and only “break” – I get my Fortinos coffee and that just makes it all good.

  5. Briana says

    You are not alone – I only have one and I’m endlessly obsessing about his naps. Did he have a good nap? When is his next nap? What are we going to do until then? If he had a longer morning nap will his afternoon nap start later? If he had a later afternoon nap will his bedtime need to be moved later? In some ways I can’t wait until he goes down to one nap so I can think about this less, in other ways I know that means if his one nap gets screwed up we’re really in trouble! Heh.

  6. Jess says

    We are on our first baby and just realized the importance of making her sleep. Still learning, and trying to read that book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Babies (or whatever it is). Right now she tends not to sleep for very long and I have to lay down with her to get her to settle as she does not believe me that she needs sleep! So I hope we can get the serious nap thing down soon. She just turned six months. Loving your blog so far! Just found it via The Pregnant Chicken.

    • says

      Thanks, Jess!
      Good luck with the sleep… It can be a nightmare sometimes but I always remind myself that one day they will all be lazy teenagers who want to sleep till noon!
      I can’t WAIT for that but my husband says he’s going to turn the hose on them at 6am in revenge.. lol
      Thanks for writing, and reading!
      I’m so thrilled to have all of my new visitors that Amy sent over.

  7. Alisha says

    My kindred soul! Lol! I ran across your blog on stuffed animal storage. Here I sit, 10 posts later and I’m starting to think that you know exactly how I feel everyday! You sound JUST like me!!!! Glad to know I’m not alone in what feels like psychosis when I compare myself to others! Thanks for sharing! :) I plan to follow your blog and would love to know where I can access the secret blog as well (if u made one)! I vent a lot on my fb about soooo many of the topics you write about and rarely does anyone comment bc they either think I’m nuts or they hide in their comfy little social bubbles in fear that their judgmental “friends” will know the truth! Ugh! It disgusts me!!! So, thanks again for being REAL!!! I appreciate it more than you know! :)

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