It’s oh so quiet!

Good morning, fine people of the interwebs!

I’m feeling good today.. my oldest it at her dad’s for a few days, my mom has taken my son and it’s just mama and baby girl all day.  It’s amazing how I used to think it was SO hard having one child, and now when I only have one it’s such a BREEZE! Lol.. The laundry is done, the bedrooms have been cleaned and tidied and while the bebe sleeps I’m having my coffee and chatting with you!  I don’t even want the TV or radio on.. the silence is ridiculously blissful.

It’s hilarious how I will procrastinate as much as humanly possible to avoid packing all the kids into the van, yet this morning when there was no milk for my coffee we were on the road in two seconds FLAT! lol..


When E is awake we will head out for some GUILT FREE shopping, what could be better?  I heart gift cards!  I’m truly looking forward to our day and I know that I will feel awesome tonight because I always get so much done when the kids are out of the house. If I manage to squeeze a shower in there somewhere this day will be PERFECTION!

Quick note I thought I’d share… I’m not sure what the deal is internationally, but ALL Bumbo seats in North America have been recalled.  Four MILLION of them.  Visit for more details and to order a FREE harness kit.

I’m making an INCREDIBLE dish for dinner tonight, I will be sure to post it later.  My mouth is literally watering just thinking about it! Lol.



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