My week in pictures..

I’ve been so cranky and sleepy today.  Trying to cheer myself up by going through photos… figured I’d do a post with the best pics of the week.
Maybe I will do it each week, who knows.  I take a LOT of pictures, it would be nice to do something with them since I’m not a very scrapbooky person.

To start, does it get cooler than this?

Pretty awesome.  LeAnn has been a huge part of me getting this blog on its feet, I’m so grateful!

And a few other big moments in my family this week..
Baby El learned to not just roll over, but literally cross entire room in a matter of seconds.  I think she’s proud:

And we figured out the trick to getting our son to let us brush his teeth… lights out and cool green glowy toys:

My husband put up a tent in our living room yesterday, making my childrens’ lives complete:

And my littlest monkeys became friends:

I guess I really don’t have much to complain about afterall, do I?
Hope everyone has a had a nice weekend.  Going to try to post some recipes tomorrow.
: )


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