And on a lighter note… it’s Craft Time!

I made this for the baby’s room a few weeks ago after finding the idea online.  I can’t believe how simple it was to make, and I’m even more surprised by how AWESOME it looks on her wall!  It only took a few hours, and that included time for the paint to dry.  It was a super quick and inexpensive way to add some real personality to her small space.  Here is the finished product:


What you’ll need (I purchased everything at Michael’s):

– canvas (any size you like)

– acryllic paint

– foam paintbrush

– glue (I used a glue stick but you could also use a glue gun or adhesive tape/glue dots)

– scrapbook paper (I chose 5 different styles to get that patchwork type pattern, all in the colours of her room)

– scissors

Now you can simply cut out a circle of paper for the centre, but I chose to use a white bead that I glue gunned on to give it a little depth and character, so you can do that as well, in which case you will need that too!

I simply painted the canvas, let it dry and then gave it a second coat. While it dried completely I cut all the papers into the leaf shapes.  I did this by cutting the scrapbook paper into squares and trimming the corners off. Then I adhered them to the canvas with the glue, wrapping the edges around the side when I reached it, and then glued the bead onto the centre.

I added my own little special touch my making a few of the leaves out of baby photos of my daughter, if you look closely you can see them. 

It’s quick, it’s beautiful, and it’s very light to hang which is always nice when there are children playing beneath it!

I also think it’s a GREAT craft that an older child could do themselves, and I might incorporate it into my daughter’s 9th birthday party.  The kids can pick their paper, the paint, and create something great to take home!  Great classroom or art project too.
: )

If you have any questions leave them in the comments, and if you make one be sure to let me know how it turns out!

Happy crafting,



  1. Marjorie says

    It looks wonderful! And I agree, it would make a great craft for a party.
    I saw that on Pinterest and want to make one (or three) for my bedroom but we haven’t decided on a paint colour yet so it has to wait.
    I made three of these for my baby’s room:


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