Perfect boy, imperfect vision

My son Cal just turned two in May. He is the sweetest, funniest, most loving kid I’ve ever known.  He makes us laugh so hard, my mom likes to call him a “ham”.  But the poor kid has not had an easy road!  At about six months old my husband started noticing that his left eye turned in.  It got progressively worse and by the time he turned one we were seeing a specialist and being told that he had what’s called “Strabismus” and would need to have surgery within the year.

: (

Not what you want to hear for your baby!  Of course I was also pregnant with #3 at the time and the thought of dealing with all of that, possibly with a newborn, was totally overwhelming and terrifying.

In the meantime we were told that we would have to patch his good eye for two hours a day to strengthen the lazy one, and he would also need glasses.  How on earth do you keep an eye patch and glasses on a one year old?!?  That was an exhausting day.  The glasses had to be ordered so at first we were just patching.  The poor kid’s reaction was not what I expected at all.  No screaming, no ripping it off… just this:


He was just SO sad and scared.  He wouldn’t leave my side, wouldn’t smile.  It was heartbreaking.  My husband and I were supposed to be leaving the two kids with my mom to go six hours away to a wedding that weekend and I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t leave my son.

But the situation improved with each day as he got more accustomed to his new gear, and when we went to pick out his glasses, dare I say he seemed to enjoy himself?


HAM!  lol.

It’s been just under a year now since we began the patching and got the glasses.  The doctor sees so much improvement in his eyes that he has actually fallen out of the realm of needing surgery!! We go every few months for a check up and he wears his glasses like a champ.  I’m not sure how they can possibly make someone cuter, but you tell me…


Sometimes I look at my five month old daughter and I think I see her eye turning in. This panic sets in and I’m afraid she’s going to go through the same process but my son has shown me how resilient and adaptable kids are! We are hopeful that one day he won’t need the glasses anymore, but that remains to be seen.

He’s still the cutest kid I know!

: ) B


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    What wonderful news! I’m so glad things worked out well (and those glasses look GREAT on him!) though I can tell you now from experience, that even if he DID need surgery, the process isn’t as bad as you’d think 😉

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