Hanging on by a thread..

Ever felt that way?? I bet you have.  If you’re a mother, I KNOW you have.  How did we manage to take our single, free lives so HORRIBLY for granted before we had kids?  And husbands?  And houses?

My family and I live in a nice, old but small (ish) house and across the road we have two dear friends, a gay couple with no children, fabulous taste, a gorgeous house and a few dollars to spare.  How we are friends with so little in common is beyond me!  LOL.  On Saturday mornings it does NOT escape my attention that it is often verrrrry quiet over there until later in the day.  I sometimes imagine what’s happening inside and it typically involves white, plush bathrobes, crisp newspapers, relaxing music, eggs benedict and freshly ground coffee beans – with Bailey’s, if I’m REALLY feeling sorry for myself.

But soon enough a scream or kick or “B where is my iPhone charger??” will pierce through my reverie and I’m snapped back into MY life… which on a Saturday includes children fighting, laundry, crumbs on the floor and a frantic search for a soccer uniform.

Sure, I’m hanging on by a thread… but I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Welcome to my world.



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    :) very much enjoy reading the inner dialogue of you! Hahah I was right with you imagining the robes and polite chatter/quips over the daily news with the most delicious/strong coffee. Hahah you are too stinkin funny

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